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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announce Advanced Medical Weight Loss and Fast Diet Plans Enhanced with hCG Diet Treatments

Diet Doc’s fast diet programs have helped thousands of clients shed excess weight and have become the nation’s leader in medical weight loss plans because of their exclusive, prescription strength hCG diet treatments.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- Recently, a growing number of Americans have discovered powerful fast diet programs enhanced with Diet Doc’s exclusive hCG diet treatments that target body fat in hard to reach areas of the body. With the extensive advances in medical weight loss, Diet Doc’s programs have now reached thousands of clients who have successfully reached their ideal weight by simply following Diet Doc’s fast diet protocol. Patients who have chosen to lose weight through medical weight loss have found that they see immediate results upon beginning their hCG diet treatments, with some clients losing up to almost a pound of excess fat per day.

Diet Doc’s exclusive hCG diet treatments are only produced within their own, United States based and fully licensed pharmacies. When creating their fast diet programs, the Diet Doc team took their hCG diet plan treatments into consideration and were dedicated to only offering clients the highest quality of materials with the most powerful levels of active ingredients. And, where many medical weight loss companies fail to fully inform their patients of the contents of their treatments, Diet Doc delivers a Certificate of Analysis with each shipment of hCG treatments to provide their clients with all up to date information.

Once patients across the nation are ready to begin their fast diet program they only need to complete a confidential online health questionnaire and schedule a phone or internet consultation with one of Diet Doc’s specially trained physicians. During this initial consultation, the physician will discuss with the patient any underlying health or medical concerns that could be causing the patient to gain weight and will also recommend and prescribe diet pills and hCG diet treatments to provide the patient with a faster, more comfortable transition to a slimmer, sexier figure.

Where Diet Doc differs from most medical weight loss plans is through their unlimited access to their team of weight management professionals. Each client will be offered assistance, six days per week, from highly trained physicians, certified nutritionists and medical weight loss nurses who remain available to answer any questions the client may have about their hCG diet treatments or their fast diet in general. Furthermore, should a client simply require support or guidance during this important, life-changing journey, the Diet Doc team is always there to provide encouragement and reinforcement.

Diet Doc created their fast diet plans to offer clients an alternative to the typical medical weight loss programs. By choosing to lose weight fast with Diet Doc, patients will discover the answer to fast and easy weight loss without struggling with negative side effects commonly associated with dieting. In a recent in-house survey, an overwhelming majority of patients, 97%, reported quickly losing weight without intense cravings, fatigue or weakness.

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