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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Comparison Website Announces Launch, 1K Views in First Week


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- A new Medicare supplemental insurance comparison website has just announced its launch. The new website comes as the result of an industry demand for reliable platforms to compare Medicare supplemental insurance, and has already received 1,000 visitors in its first week online.

For those searching for Medicare supplemental insurance the process of comparing benefits and rates can be a daunting process. Since the advent of the Internet searching for Medicare supplemental insurance has been made easier, but until recently visitors were required to fill in large amounts of personal information, sometimes even their credit card number and home address.

Recently however the necessity for invasive information is no longer required. Software has been created that allows users to rank side-by-side comparisons by simply providing their zip code. The software sits through all the companies in the chosen area according to reputation, price, and extensiveness of the plans they offer. It then lines up all the potential companies in a side-by-side comparison and allows visitors to click inside to learn more.

“Our goal with designing this website was to make searching for Medicare supplemental insurance as painless as possible,” said John Stevens, director of marketing. “We know that people do not want to have to call a bunch of different insurance companies or worse yet drive to them in person. With our online interface clients do not even need to talk to pushy salespeople, they can see all the best companies in their area, compare their prices and plans, and should they want to, contact them on their own terms.”

There is another advantage of side-by-side comparison websites that many people overlook, says the website. Since prices and plans are being compared side-by-side companies know that the best way to generate business is to simply offer the lowest priced plans possible. This creates a competitive environment that is suited to the shopper. Should a shopper contact the client directly the prices can be quoted at the company's whims, but online platforms always offer the absolute lowest prices in the industry.

John Stevens remarks: “With our website shoppers can pit one insurance company against the other and make them fight for their business. Unlike in the past the shopper is in control, and they can use this dynamic to get the best price on the package of their choosing."

To learn more about this new Medicare supplemental insurance website please visit http://medicaresupplementalinsurancecomparison.net/

About medicaresupplementalinsurancecomparison.net
Medicaresupplementalinsurancecomparison.net was created in September of 2012 to help shoppers get the best rates for Medicare supplemental insurance. The website utilizes the absolute latest in price quote technology, and has already received rave reviews from the industry.