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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Chosen over Gifts for Mother's Day, Suggests New Studies


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- This year for Mother’s Day, senior moms may prefer help choosing a Medicare supplemental insurance plan over flowers and chocolates from their children. A survey sponsored by 65 Incorporated revealed that one in three people enrolled in Medicare doesn’t understand their coverage or benefits. Additional research shows that three out of four people wish someone else would handle their Medicare for them when they turn 65. Medicaresupplementalinsurancecomparison.net is a website that’s dedicated to helping educate the Medicare-eligible community and making it easy to select supplemental insurance to round out their coverage.

“I’m not surprised to hear the results of the survey. In fact, I’m relieved to hear I wasn’t alone,” said Stephen Pewter, the retired firefighter who created the Medicare supplemental insurance comparison site. “One of the perks of getting to 65 is access to free Medicare. Then you enroll and have to figure out what’s covered by part A versus part B, and then you realize some things aren’t covered by either. You’re left thinking, now what?”

Pewter was moved to create Medicaresupplementalinsurancecomparison.net after his own exhaustive search for a supplemental insurance plan. In doing research to compare prices and plans online, every site he found required lots of personal data to return rate and plan information. Leery of entering his own private details online, he figured other seniors would be too. So, he created a site where people need only enter their zip code to get quotes and coverage outlines from insurance providers in their area. Pewter’s friends and family were the first to try it out. Word spread from there, and today thousands of people use the site every month.

In addition to tracking down rate information, Pewter’s site aims to dispel some of the confusion around Medicare with helpful articles and tutorials on how to approach some of the more tedious tasks like filing for medical care reimbursements. “We’ll keep updating the site with new information. But we’re always going to keep it simple so it continues to be an easy-to-use resource for seniors and their families,” concluded Pewter.

About Medicaresupplementalinsurancecomparison.net
Medicaresupplementalinsurancecomparison.net is a resource to help the Medicare-eligible community understand their Medicare coverage and choose a supplemental insurance plan that works for them. In addition to insightful articles and easy-to-understand tutorials, visitors to the site can quickly get rate and plan information from insurance providers in their area just by entering their zip code. For more information, visit: www.medicaresupplementalinsurancecomparison.net.