Medicare Supplement Plans Offer Comparison Shopping Resource for Medicare Supplement Plans


Visalia, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2012 -- Medicare covers some medical expenses, but it doesn’t cover everything. Medicare leaves gaps in patient coverage, and without a supplementary insurance plan, these gaps must be paid out-of-pocket. For that reason, Medicare supplement insurance plans are becoming a popular way to fill in the gaps left by Medicare coverage.

Today, many top insurance providers offer some type of Medicare supplement plans. However, some of these plans are better than others. Some supplement plans might only fill in a few gaps left by Medicare coverage, while other plans comprehensively cover seniors in any circumstance. Some supplement plans are priced affordably, while others are expensive. has been gaining a lot of attention lately by helping seniors quickly and easily compare any type of Medicare supplement plans. At, visitors will find information about the best Medicare supplement plans in the country. The website states that these plans – also known as ‘Medigap’ insurance plans – cost far less than what many people expect.

A spokesperson for explained what the site hopes to accomplish:

“Our goal is to connect visitors with the best possible Medicare supplement plans for their needs. There are so many different ‘Medigap’ plans available in this country, and finding the right one can be difficult for those who don’t have experience in the industry. That’s why we offer free insurance quotes that can be filled out in just minutes or allow people to be guided by our team of experienced representatives. We want to make it as simple as possible for consumers to select the most appropriate policy at the best possible price.”

Using the website, visitors can also discover the specific benefits included in Medigap insurance plans. The website describes the specific types of Medigap plans offered by insurance companies across the states, and plans are identified by the letters A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. Each of these plans is the same for every insurance company. For example, Plan F Medigap from one insurance company will be identical to Plan F Medigap offered by another insurance company. The website features a detailed list that shows what each plan covers in a simple to navigate chart.

The information on is catered to those in California. The website features unique pages for every county in California, and visitors can easily compare California Medicare plans from anywhere in the state.

Whether seeking to fill in the gaps left by insufficient Medicare coverage, or simply wanting to learn more about the types of insurance plans available, allows users to compare the different types of Medicare supplement plans available today. By filling out the free insurance quote form included on the front page, visitors can receive a free quote within hours.

About educates visitors about Medicare supplement plans, which are designed to fill in the gaps left by Medicare coverage. The website allows users to instantly receive a free insurance quote for insurance in their area. For more information, please visit: