Medieval Days Gains Attention for Bringing History to Life for School Kids


Kent, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- History can be one of the most fascinating, rich and interesting subjects to learn. All too often children are turned off by dry teaching methods and dull lists of facts and dates. When history is taught in an interactive way it comes alive. It becomes an incredible and enthralling insight into the events and the culture of the past.

One company making waves in this area is, a unique business in the educational sector. Their teams of highly skilled history presenters go into schools to bring history lessons to life for students, with a collection of costumes, exciting props, and genuine historical artifacts for children to examine., as the name suggests, specialize in teaching children about the middle ages, but they also offer Viking school visit and Roman school visit, as well as a number of other historical periods including Tudor and Stuart.

The sessions that Medieval Days create are fully integrated into the UK national curriculum, and contain useful historical education for Key Stages 1-5. They have a huge collection of historical artifacts to illustrate their presentations. Children can touch and hold these items, rather than just view them from behind glass like in a museum.

The website contains full details about what schools can expect if they invite them to present to their pupils, including a description of a typical session. There are also many photographs of recent sessions from a variety of schools.

The site also features a plethora of enthusiastically positive testimonials from teachers who have had present at their school.

A spokesperson for the website said:

“Children often see history as a boring subject because they don’t understand just how exciting the past can be. This is a shame because history is actually one of the most exciting subjects for children when it is taught in an emphatic and interesting way. By using energetic presentation and exciting historical artifacts, we aim to bring the past to life and help students see the past from a different perspective. We want pupils to understand exactly what it felt like to live in those periods. In the past we have worked with numerous high profile organisations such as the National Trust, English Heritage, film studios, and we are used to making presentations to children at both primary and secondary schools, as well at youth clubs and other organisations. Our recent visit to Mortimer St John's C.E. Infant School was featured in their 2011 Ofsted report and described as "excellent”, of which we are very proud.”

About is an education business dedicated to teaching history to children in an interactive, fun but educational way.

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