medigapcomparisons Releases a Revamped Version of Website With Latest Humana Medicare network


Waynesboro, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2012 -- With escalating costs of healthcare and the downturn of economy it has become crucial for citizens to explore mediums to make most of their healthcare premiums. There is no dearth of plans from established insurance companies – some cover drug and medical coverage, then there are some which provide stand-alone prescription drug coverage. But as found in UCLA Study - 2011, commissioned by Department of Sociology, when it comes to choosing a plan as per personal needs, lack of standardized and credible information definitely hampers citizens. is an effort to bridge this gap with comprehensive, unbiased and authentic information. With this version of the website, the founders have incorporated many features the site’s beta users suggested during 2010-11.

“On our site one can find in-depth analysis of all leading Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans including those from the likes of market leaders Humana Medicare Health Plans care and Florida Medicare Advantage Plans from Freedom Health” informs Mark Carter, Media representative of

Current news, renewal rates and updated benefits are key points to note when making a decision about insurance plans. So, providing updated content is another aspect the site owners are working on. For example the of news story of Humana Inc, which has been at the forefront of health and well-being companies recently announced inclusion of Northwest Medical Center, Oro Valley Hospital and their urgent care centers in Tucson for their Medicare Advantage Plans - PPO, HMO and Private Fee for Service plans. This story is likely to benefit many of the 83000 Humana beneficiaries in Arizona. Such current news coverage will definitely help site visitors.

The site now has a tips section as well – It has been noted in the UCLA study that due to lack of information, in many cases citizens find their insurance plan is unable to cover certain illness or procedures, only after they have nowhere to go. These missteps can be easily avoided with proper knowledge about Medicare Supplements like those offered by Humana. These supplement plans could be really beneficial to people who would like to have the benefit of say World-wide coverage and don’t want to take an alternative new plan. With predictable costs one could keep a check on their budget as well. With Advantage plans one gets added benefits to those originally provided with Medicare plans, covering majority of healthcare costs. Both Supplement and Advantage plans also help to remove network restrictions which generally come with Medicare select plans. Such tips could really help seniors who are not abreast with latest information.

It has been long said information is one major way we are going to change the present American Healthcare System for the better and we are gradually moving towards it. Scalable user generated information and authentic news in the internet environment is one way to tackle this issue.

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