MediPoint: Renal Denervation ? Global Analysis and Market Forecasts


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Numerous medical device news sources and industry executives have proclaimed renal denervation to be the top medical device breakthrough of the past two years, and for good reason. Hypertension is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions worldwide, with some studies estimating that 50% of the adult population globally will have the disease in the next 20 years. With limited effectiveness from pharmacotherapy, medical device therapy has the potential for significant adoption in the treatment of resistive hypertension and uncontrolled hypertension, once efficacy and cost-effectiveness are proven. Additionally, the degree of blood pressure reduction found in long-term clinical trials from such a well-tolerated procedure has generated notable optimism about the intervention’s application in other conditions where hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system plays a significant role, such as congestive heart failure.

While there is room for optimism and excitement, there are also significant barriers that the technology must overcome before it can see the widespread adoption that industry professionals want. One of the most threatening issues involves ambulatory blood pressure readings and how they could severely tarnish the purported impact the technology has on reducing blood pressure. Thus, a lot will depend on the quality of the data produced by the first randomized clinical trial from Medtronic in 2014, which includes this measure. Additionally, the current players in the market will have to face a bombardment of renal denervation systems from startup companies that harness slightly different technologies, offering advantages such as external denervation and non-generator–based systems. Compounding this competitive landscape are different device categories that aim to reduce blood pressure through completely different mechanisms, such as carotid baroreceptor stimulation.

As this market becomes more competitive, device makers are going to have to develop clinical differentiators for their systems or else this market will quickly become commoditized. Additionally, device manufacturers will have to seek additional indications for their systems to help the market continue to grow.

Questions Answered in this Report

In most countries renal denervation is performed as an inpatient procedure, which is one of the major factors in driving up the costs of the intervention. Which countries perform the intervention on an inpatient basis? What is needed to make this procedure be performed on an outpatient basis?

Different countries incorporate different teams of specialists when performing renal denervation. Which countries are utilizing which specialists? Who do Key Opinion Leaders think will be predominately performing this procedure in the future?

Several major players in the market have already developed second generations of their systems. What are the most important product features and designs surgeons like about current systems? What features would they like to see in future product iterations?

2014 is poised to be a very important year for clinical trial results in the renal denervation market. What are the key trials to follow in 2014 and how will their results impact the adoption of these systems?

Medtronic currently dominates the renal denervation market. What is their market share in the major global economies and which companies constitute the remainder of the market? How will the market shares change in the next three years?

Currently marketed renal denervation systems are boasting similar efficacy and safety profiles and similar average selling prices. What are the key marketing and sales strategies current and future players can utilize to gain market share?

Regions Covered: US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Japan, Brazil, China and India

Market Model Features

Market model features: An interactive Excel forecast model based on primary research interviews with KOLs, physicians, industry participants and distributors is included with this report*. This patient-based model provides diagnosis rates, patient segmentation, treatment rates, procedure volumes, average selling prices, and market values over a 10-year period (2010–2019). The forecast model is robust, fully transparent, and easy to navigate. Moreover, our models support data presented in the reports and the complete methodology is outlined in the report and the model.

The model offers several valuable perspectives of the renal denervation market. It includes procedure volumes and market valuations for current and future indications of renal denervation, including:

Resistive hypertension

Uncontrolled hypertension

Chronic heart failure

*Interactive Excel forecast model only available to clients purchasing a site license or higher.

What Physicians Think

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