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Medipronto Seeks Funding to Change Healthcare One Hospital at a Time


Washington, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- Corey Seaman, owner of MediPronto, announced that the company is pursuing  crowd funding  for the technology that they claim will change the healthcare industry forever. Well known for his technology experience, Corey Seaman and team are well on their way to being A leading medical technology company in the coming years.

“Inefficiencies are a part of life but when those inefficiencies can cost you a life it’s simply unacceptable,” said Seaman. “that’s why we aim to be the industry standard in the coming years.”

“ Do you have any preexisting conditions” is one of the most frequently heard phrases at healthcare providers worldwide. MediPronto has distilled the healthcare process into a simple, all in one solution. Patients have all their information accessible via multiple identification sources that all provide the same information needed in critical cases or simple doctor visits. All information is redundant and 100% secure.

The information processed by MediPronto is 100% encrypted. MediPronto is working with hospitals worldwide to establish a global network that will cut down on paper, power consumption and loss of lives. MediPronto handles all the technology needs and information storage needs that all healthcare clients need.

MediPronto is in the funding stages and is currently pursuing venture capital and beta operation to perfect their equipment. They’re working with firms of all sizes alongside beta healthcare facilities, with the ultimate goal of revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry. The firm’s pursuing funding via  Indiegogo  (Crowd Funding), Venture Capital and partnership with healthcare related companies.

There are any number of reasons healthcare providers will turn to MediPronto for their technology needs. They may want to be up to industry standard or simply want to provide better patient care. First responders want the information that’s crucial to saving the lives of the people that may be involved in an accident. Assisted Living facilities may recognize that they don’t have enough information to adequately provide care for their residents.

MediPronto makes paperwork a thing of the past. To facilitate first responders, healthcare facilities, and assisted living locations worldwide, MediPronto works side by side with top healthcare providers to build a global network. MediPronto’s services allow clients to save patient lives, rid themselves of unwanted paper work, and surpass industry standards.

“In ten years I see us being a leading fortune 500 company providing to every hospital worldwide, what truly matters at the end of the day though is our impact on people’s lives and global emissions,” said Seaman. “I couldn’t ask for a better team to help me achieve all of the goals I have set ahead of us.”

Located at 304 Wagner Street. in Washington Illinois, the firm can be reached by phone locally 1 385 212 4678. For more information, visit the website at

About MediPronto
MediPronto is an up and coming tech company in the United States. The firm’s team has many years’ experience with Corey Seaman entering the technology industry at 13 and registering his first company at 15.

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