'Meditation for Beginners' Free to Download from Kindle Stores


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- The Kindle store has recently announced a free download of the book ‘Meditation for Beginners’ for the next few days. Written by Dollie Carder, the book has gained worldwide recognition since its launch because of its complete and pleasing guidance on meditation and has occupied different ranks at Amazon Best Sellers Ranking. It is available for free download on the 22nd and 23rd of this month only, throughout the country.

‘Meditation for Beginners’ has been an interesting read for the people around the world as it provides clear, simple and easy-to-follow guidelines on meditation. The book is a complete code for the individuals who are at the initial stages of meditation.

The recent announcement by Kindle stores about its free promotion around the US has made millions of people, delighted and happy. They are excited to discover an exciting journey of meditation for absolutely free of cost. The serenity and relaxation earned through meditation is actually desired and endeared by almost everyone on this planet. The book aims to make people internally strong and peaceful by providing them with different styles and methods of meditation. These styles are proved to be very powerful in their own ways to help a person progress and fight against emotional disturbances and physical suffering.

The book is widely known for its flawless organization, tips and tricks on meditation and how to face the hurdles one may face on his way. It offers a quality guide to the beginners, by providing them with easy and simple meditation exercises and techniques. Moreover, its straightforward insight on the entire meditation procedure, easy to read and follow guidelines, beautiful combination of words and impressive ordering of topics make the book a worth reading one.

Dollie Carder’s book ‘Meditation for Beginners’ begins with the historical background of meditation, describing how people started doing it and the different styles they have followed till now. Then, the author moves onto its preparation and shares some important and helpful tips relating to it. Carder advises the beginners that they should stay focused and try to concentrate on a single point.

Plus, he urges them to try their best to avoid any kind of frustration that can drive their attention and concentration away from the point. The author exquisitely defines the relaxation techniques, different styles of meditation including symbol, candle, chakra, color and white meditations and highlights its beneficial, healthy and rich effects onto the minds, body and soul of a person.

In addition, Carder also focuses upon the hurdles one may encounter along his way and how they can be overcome, followed by the ‘NOTS’ of meditation and why one should go for it. Meditation for Beginners has proved to be a great and helpful read for the beginners worldwide, because of its commendable, simple and easy guidelines.

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