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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2012 -- Currently facelift procedures are a common practice in cosmetic surgery. This procedure is performed to remove excess facial skin to make human skin appear younger. The surgical procedure as per Dr Zubin Medora; the Medical director and the Primary care doctor at Medora is highly recommended for aging face as such face not only loses elasticity but also develops a droopy skin while at the same time loosing muscle tone and facial fat.

“In carrying out a face lift surgical procedure additional procedures are very necessary to achieve best results,’’ said Dr. Medora. “These additional procedures may include; Blepharoplasty, Necklift, Autologous fat injection, liposuction, Submalar or chin implant, forehead lift among other procedures.’’

The facelift procedure normally is undertaken through the introduction of an incision at the higher level or the hairline above next to the ear. This incision is extended down the surface in front of the ear, coming just under the ear then upwards behind the ear ending in the hairline behind the ear. Loose skin and fatty tissues are lifted from the underlying muscle and connective tissue. The connecting tissue can then be tightened followed by pulling the skin back and upwards and cutting off any excess skin. The surgical would is normally closed by the use of sutures and skin staples. Dr Zubin Firdos Medora says that it’s a common practice for surgeons to leave a drain in surgical the surgical wound to help in the removal of excess blood. The last procedure to be performed is the general application of surgical bandages.

“For a comprehensive facelift surgical operation additional surgical procedures are performed,” said Dr Medora. “Inclusion of these extra surgical operations during a cosmetic surgery gives out better surgical results compared to the traditional 15minutes facelift surgical procedure.”

Just like any other cosmetic surgical operation facelift surgery may involve some risks and complication though such cases are infrequent. Some of the complications associated with facelift surgery include; bleeding (hematoma), neurological dysfunction which in most cases is just a temporally complication, asymmetry and necrosis among other complications.

“Comprehensive facelift is a very satisfying procedure to most patients,” added Dr. Medora “it achieves a fulfilling youthful appearance for such patient which can last and approximate of 10 years and the recovery period is fairly short usually one week but activities begin in the same day of surgery”

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