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Medora Centre: A Reliable Healthcare Facility That Provides Quality Cosmetic Services

The Medora Centre specialize in various aesthetic and cosmetic services in Singapore. It is the first medical center in Singapore to offer the Affirm Multiplex System.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- Cosmetic industry has developed into a booming business in Singapore. Numerous local health facilities are in the competing arena because of this growing industry. As a result of the escalating number of people who are amenable to shell out their finances in order for them to enhance their appearance, businesses related to cosmetic surgery are also expanding.

At Medora Centre, there a lot of cosmetic and aesthetic services offered. Dr. Zubin Medora, the present Medical Director and primary care doctor, is the one managing the said medical facility. All of the medical practitioners in Medora Centre are registered as professionals in their field by the Ministry of Health in Singapore. Hence, you can really trust and depend to the capabilities of the doctors in the medical center.

The cosmetic clinic’s procedures involve both non-invasive and minimally invasive surgeries. Hair transplant and laser treatment for stretch marks are just two of the non-invasive operations done in the clinic. Conversely, complicated procedures such as facelift and eye surgery are considered as invasive or minimally invasive surgeries offered by Medora Centre.

“All this procedures are done by certified doctors with skills and necessary training to complete the procedure successfully”, said Dr Zubin Medora. Each of the physicians in the said healthcare facility have their own areas of expertise which if combined would sustain the everyday operation of Medora Centre.

Dr. Zubin Medora has gone through an undergraduate medical education, postgraduate surgical training, and incontestable skills and years of expertise in cosmetic industry. Included in his portfolio is his affiliation to medical organizations. Like any medical procedures, cosmetic surgery has its risks that should be taken into consideration by people who want to avail of the treatment. Intense research should be done so that they will be assured of positive and satisfying results. If the procedure is not done correctly, then medical problems may develop causing alteration in your daily living.

About Medora Centre
A locally certified healthcare facility, Medora Centre is composed of highly-skilled physicians accredited by legal authorities in Singapore. Its principle focuses on team effort in providing the finest medical services to its patients.

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Dr Zubin Medora
Medical Director and Primary Care Doctor
Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery
Business Mailing Address:
#03-08 Camden Medical Centre,
One Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248649
Phone: 6836 6035