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Medora Centre: A Singapore Clinic That Offers Cosmetic and Aesthetic Services


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Cosmetic surgeries are not new anymore at present especially in specialized medical facilities in Singapore. The value of these services is integrated in the lives of many people as they strive to have a better physical appearance.

Exceptional interdisciplinary surgeons perform various cosmetic surgical procedures. Dr. Zubin Medora, one of the best surgeons, is the Medical Director and Primary Care Doctor of Medora Medical Center. This facility that he supervises is a legally registered local medical center under the Ministry of Health in Singapore. People should take their fears out in accessing cosmetic operations since these are done by well-trained medical professionals.

“The public can choose whether to have a noninvasive surgery or minimally invasive surgery. Noninvasive operations can be performed in the face or body and these include laser treatment for stretch marks. On the other hand, minimally invasive operations are more complex in nature and these include hair transplant, facelift procedures, eye surgeries which can be oriental double eyelid, upper eyelid hooding or removal of lower eye bags”, said Dr Medora.

Only skilled doctors who have acquired the necessary training are allowed to perform cosmetic surgical procedures like Dr Medora. He has an undergraduate medical training, postgraduate surgical qualifications, and a deep experience in cosmetic surgery. Moreover, like Dr Medora, cosmetic surgeons should also be registered in reliable medical organizations so that they can be noted as qualified medical practitioners to perform cosmetic operations.

It is highly advisable that the public should not immediately go into a particular cosmetic surgical procedure. They definitely have to be cautious in making sure that they are accessing the services of credible doctors to do the operation. This is to avoid unwanted complications as a result of inappropriate medical practice. On the positive side, the public need not to run away from availing cosmetic surgical services because there are a great number of credible doctors who can appropriately and effectively perform cosmetic surgeries.

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Dr Medora
Medical Director and Primary Care Doctor
Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery
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