Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery Offers Affirm Multiplex Procedure for the Management of Age Related Complications


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2013 -- Affirm multiplex is currently the most effective remedy for management of the very challenging age related complications in the medical practice. Such complications have for long been a great challenge in clinical practice since their management with the normal clinical procedures has never been effective.

Affirm multiplex (MPX) the anti-aging remedy has currently brought some ray of hope in the medical practice in regard to the management of such complications. This treatment procedure has received much embracement from many regions of the world as the preferred anti-aging solution. The Medora medical center for medicine and surgery under the management of Dr. Zubin Medora is one of the few clinics offering this specialized medical procedure.

The complete anti-aging remedy Affirm Multiplex procedure is highly suited for victims looking for a major treatment that will offer great results with no recovery time. Most affirm multiplex beneficiaries are individuals in need for face or body lift without going through the surgical risks. The practiced is gaining great popularity in areas like Hong Kong, Japan and USA. It is the only practice of its king since it is a patented procedure so patients are assured of the best results.

The Medora medical center has a unique specialization in this procedure to offer individuals seeking anti-aging remedies the most effective and remarkable medical experience. This procedure is performed by a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon and specialized medical personnel like DR. Zubin Medora and other fully registered medical practitioners. It is a procedure that any individual will appreciate its results and the down time recovery.

Affirm treatment can also be done for enhancing personal appearance. Such procedures are done professionally to match your unique lifestyle needs. Though people consider such procedures as general cosmetic procedures, this practice requires the attention of highly qualified and specialized medical personnel like Dr. Zubin Medora. Such cosmetic procedures are accessible at Medora center for medicine and surgery.

About Medora center
Medora Centre is a local clinic in Singapore fully registered in Ministry of Health and having all doctors registered with the Singapore Medical Council. They perform various aesthetic procedure such as cosmetic surgery, plastic & reconstructive surgery, EENT surgery, face lift, hair restoration, breast reduction and other related services.

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