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Medora Centre Presents the Affirm Laser Multiplex System to Singapore Clients


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- There is no doubt that the medical practice has been having a difficulty in handling age-related manifestations which include stretch marks, skin pigmentation, and wrinkles. This is evident since normal clinical procedures have not been successful enough to address these signs of aging.

The introduction of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved procedure, Affirm Multiplex, has totally brought change in the management of age-related complications through cosmetology. Affirm Multiplex is the latest and highly praised anti-aging remedy that is being practiced worldwide in various medical centers. Under the management of Dr Zubin Medora , Medora Medical Center is one of these healthcare facilities that offer Affirm Multiplex Procedure.

“Affirm Multiplex is recommendable for individuals who want to achieve total rejuvenation on their skin specifically on the face or other parts of the body. Also, Affirm Multiplex can also be utilized in the management of post-pregnancy stretch marks. After the procedure, patients only have to rest for a short period of time since this procedure offers fast recovery,” said Dr Zubin Medora .

Medora Medical Center is registered under the Ministry of Health in Singapore to not only perform cosmetic surgical procedure which is the center’s specialization, but also to provide medical care services as per its registration. Certified under the Ministry of Health and by local medical associations, Medora Medical Center for medicine and surgery is run by a team of noteworthy and high caliber medical practitioners of cosmetic surgery. Consequently, each of the doctors has multidisciplinary skills and expertise in giving their clients a remarkable experience and the best medical care.

The Medical Director of Medora Medical Center is Dr Zubin Medora who is also the facility’s Primary Care Doctor. Dr. Medora assures the public that under his management specialized and individualized cosmetic surgical operations are what their patients will obtain. Hence, people who are eager to undergo Affirm Multiplex Procedure may go to Medora Medical Center for high quality results.

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