Medora Medical Centre Announces Affirm Multiplex (MPX) Service to the Public


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2013 -- Standard clinical procedures have long been used to manage the signs of aging. However, these did not bring satisfying results to the public. This has been for a long time a difficult dilemma in the field of medicine in dealing with age-related manifestations.

With the advancement in technology, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has permitted Affirm Multiplex to offer the public with treatment for the manifestations of aging like stretch marks, wrinkles, skin pigmentation including melasma. Affirm Multiplex has given the public a brighter look on anti-aging remedy especially that it is now the most praised and most trusted procedure for managing the signs of aging. The aforementioned procedure is being performed in Medora Medical Center for medicine and surgery under the supervision of Dr Zubin Medora, and in various medical centers around the globe as well.

About Medora Medical Center
Medora Medical Center is facilitated by a group of medical professionals who are registered in local medical associations and under the Ministry of Health in Singapore. The doctors of the medical group are equipped with several cosmetic expertise with a vision to provide the best and positively unforgettable medical care to their patients. Furthermore, Medora Medical Center for medicine and surgery is registered locally under Singapore’s Ministry of Health to perform cosmetic surgeries as well as medical care operations.

“Either on the face or body, Affirm Multiplex can be performed. As a result of the said procedure, patients will have a rejuvenated skin accompanied with an appealing and glowing physical appearance. It is definitely guaranteed that patients can do their normal daily activities immediately days after the procedure. Post-pregnancy stretch marks can also be managed through Affirm Multiplex and a short recuperation time is as well guaranteed”, said Dr Zubin Medora.

Dr Zubin Medora who is the center’s Medical Director and Primary Care Doctor, guarantees the facility’s patients with individualized and specialized medical treatment. Hence, to be able to experience Affirm Multiplex, one may come to Medora Medical Center for medicine and surgery to make an appointment for the said procedure.

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Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery
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