MedSlant Announces an Eco-Friendly Move to Biodegradable PEVA Carry Case


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- MedSlant is announcing to the public today of its continued eco-friendly commitment by changing their wedge pillow carrying case from PVC to PEVA.

Adele Camens, media contact, was asked about the changes from PVC to PEVA. "Since our opening in 2001, we have always taken great care to offer the best product with the finest materials to benefit the customer. Our dedication has been to use products and materials that are eco-friendly, which has been a vision of the company right from the start. The PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) is not a vinyl in the sense that PVC is, but it still feels like like vinyl. The difference is, PEVA is biodegradable. We're thrilled to make this change!"

Also asked about the Wedge Pillow itself, Ms. Camens said, "I was diagnosed some years back with gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, which can make sleeping very difficult. My doctor at the time told me that using a slanted pillow would be helpful, so I went to look for a pillow. I found many variations, but they were too short and I felt a 30-inch pillow that was torso-length would help me more than one that was shorter. This length was confirmed by doctors I spoke to, however, no such pillow existed, so I decided to make my own."

After making her own pillow, Camens was feeling the benefits of not having GERD symptoms, so she decided to offer the Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow to the public, which was the birth of MedSlant "People that do not have GERD or what is also known as acid reflux can't imagine how much it can disrupt your life. It begins with the burning pain at night from having your food come back up your esophagus while attempting to sleep. It's a terrible cycle of not getting enough sleep at night so you not only have to deal with the GERD but you become sleep-deprived", said Camens.

"Of course, we had already been aware of our carbon footprint and I was determined to use materials that would decrease this footprint, which has always been the company stance. In my mind, it just made sense to create a pillow that was helpful to people with GERD that was also environmentally friendly. We have worked and researched to find the best materials that would biodegrade faster than vinyl products and this is when we made the move to PEVA for the Reflux Pillow carrying case. This case allows people that travel to easily take their pillow with them wherever they go" Ms. Camens added.

Camens was posed a final question, does the wedge pillow that MedSlant makes help for children as well? "100 percent yes! What's more, the size and width of the pillow are cut for the dimensions of a standard baby crib - many infants suffer from GERD as do children and adults, the wedge pillow is designed for all ages and the foam is soft and comfortable to help further a good night's sleep."

About MedSlant
The patented MedSlant pillow was designed in 2001 to help sufferers of GERD get a better night's sleep. What's more, due to the slant of the pillow and the length, many people find they are symptom-free after using the pillow. A simple approach to a very painful condition is what led Adele Camens to come up with the idea of the pillow. Today, many doctors recommend the wedge pillow to their patients as a natural way to relieve GERD symptoms.