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Meek Law Firm Reveals Common Mistakes Made by New Business Owners

Law firm highlights importance of legal representation when starting a business


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- According to Statistic Brain, 46 percent of new businesses fail due to incompetence on the part of the owner or owners, including a lack of planning. With approximately 543,000 new businesses opening each month, as reported by Forbes, the number of failing business surprises many. One area where many fail to plan lies in the business structure to be used, and this could be detrimental as the business owner or owners may find their personal possessions at risk if a lawsuit is filed. Meek Law Firm ( works with new business owners to address this situation and many others.

"Those new to the business world often believe it isn't necessary to incorporate, yet nothing is further from the truth. Incorporation ensures the owners are protected in the event something goes wrong, and incorporation guarantees their personal possessions remain protected. This remains one business structure option, yet there are others, such as limited liability partnerships, which may be better choices. The attorneys at Meek Law Firm sit down with each client to determine which business structure best meets their needs," Jonathan Meek explains.

Using the appropriate business structure at start up helps to prevent issues between partners at a later date. Most issues which arise tend to be the result of poor planning and may lead to the business being sold or dissolved. No matter what the ultimate resolution is, litigation remains costly and customers may choose to look elsewhere for the products and services offered.

"Some companies don't realize their mistake until a lawsuit arises, yet Meek Law Firm helps here also. Contact an attorney immediately to have the case reviewed and discuss the various options of the partners involved. Meek Law Firm works to find the best resolution for their client, one that hopefully allows the client to keep the business if this is the desired outcome. In those situations where it isn't, the personal and business interests of the client will be protected," Meek declares.

Meek Law Firm also works with clients during mergers and acquisitions, when contracts need to be drawn up, and in many other situations. "The goal of the firm is to provide business clients with the legal representation they need at any given time. Each client receives personalized attention to ensure he or she receives the best representation and advice possible as clients deserve nothing less," Meek states.

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