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Meet Mineko: Compelling Heroine Stars in Timeless Tale of Violence, Vengeance and Justice in 17th Century Japan

From debut author RG Dillon, ‘Mineko: Book of Sisters’ has been called “captivating” and “thrilling” by readers drawn in by Dillon’s vibrant writing, vast emotional landscape and stirring descriptions of a little girl lost… and found.


Alexandria, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- Already discovered by thousands of fans, the first installment in RG Dillon’s trio of books is the heartrending story of an innocent young girl torn away from all she knows and delivered into the hands of a cruel and brutal master.

In ‘Mineko: Book of Sisters’, little Mineko is only six-years-old when she witnesses her family murdered by Samurai and is wrenched from her home along with her sister. Fighting through blood, tears and torment, Mineko grows up with one thought pulsing through her mind and heart: vengeance.

“This isn’t your typical ‘slash-em-up’ ninja book,” says Dillon, who is currently hard at work penning the next two books in the trilogy. “It’s an examination of female empowerment, a richly-detailed look at the culture of Japan during that time period and above all, a rumination on the inescapable bonds of love.”

Official Synopsis:

“Set in 17th century Japan, “Mineko” is a rich, evocative and harsh saga of a young girl’s quest for vengeance.

Just imagine for one moment that you are happy, at home and surrounded by a loving family. Your long black hair is being gently brushed by an older sister while she hums a sweet lullaby just for you. You can hear your twin brothers playing in the next room.

Now imagine as suddenly your whole world is thrown into turmoil. Brutal Samurai invade your home, murdering family, servants and guards in front of you. Your sister and you, as the only survivor’s, are whisked away to a desolate mountain castle. You later watch through tear-drenched eyes as she is ripped from your arms and taken away.

You are only six years old.

This is Mineko’s life. This is how her childhood in 17th century Japan began.

For the next decade, Mineko endures as she learns to survive in a world filled with hate, terrifying abuse and hunger. All the while she dreams of two things; a sister that one day returns to save her - and of someone to love.

But little girls grow up. And little girls learn. And little sisters never forget. The only difference between revenge and vengeance is the intensity of the punishment that is inflicted - and Mineko will settle for nothing less than extreme vengeance.”

Since its original release, ‘Mineko: Book of Sisters’ has earned dozens of glowing reviews from readers.

“I think that R.G. Dillon has a great career ahead of him if he keeps writing like this. I cannot wait to see what Book of Hana and Book of Kaiko will hold for us. Wow. Wow. Wow,” wrote Preston Leigh.

Calling the book “a stunning and powerful debut,” John J. Staughton wrote: “I felt myself unable to stop reading sometimes, always promising myself a few more pages, but inevitably reading far more. The pace fluctuates, giving pleasant peaks and valleys during the reading, but overall, it is an emotionally gripping account of loss, growth, and the power of memory. It had the darkness of Kill Bill with the vaguely predictable elements of a Cinderella story...making it quite a unique blend of legend and power with a captivating female protagonist.”

“This is an action packed story that will capture your heart and terrify you. It will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very last page! RG Dillon has created well-developed characters about whom we care, and manages to keep a big bang for the climax. Definitely worth reading. I can’t wait for the next book!” wrote Susan F. Nagy.

‘Mineko: Book of Sisters’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1nyYKBn

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About RG Dillon
RG Dillon is the author of Mineko: Book of Sisters and the soon to be released, Book of Hana and Book of Kaiko of the Mineko series. Born in Jacksonville Florida to a navy father, he grew up in Virginia Beach Virginia. Following a move to Southern Indiana for his later high school years, he enlisted in the Army after college. Eventually settling where he resides today, in Alexandria Virginia, with his wife of over 36 years, he is the father of two daughters and one granddaughter.