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Meet the McGhee's: Sprawling Tale of a Family Torn Apart by Scandal

From actor-turned-author John Trainor, this topical novel is the story of the McGhees – a family tainted by accusations of money laundering, and the lengths one son will go to, to clear his father’s name.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- After the successful release of his first book, the autobiography entitled ‘Tell Everyone I’m Famous’, former actor John Trainor realized he’d found a new calling in life: to be an author. Trainor’s hotly anticipated debut novel, ‘Meet the McGhee’s’ will be released on April 12th, 2014.

‘Meet the McGhee’s’ is the complex, multi-layered tale of the McGhee family. The descendants of Irish immigrants, members of the family let nothing stand in their path to financial freedom and success. After allegations surface that Joe McGhee Senior is involved in a Wall Street money laundering scandal, his son sets out to clear his father’s name and restore his family’s standing in society.

From the concrete paradise of New York City to the green hills of Scotland and Ireland, the novel is a journey through the generations, an examination of Americans’ obsession with money and a moving portrait of the love between father and son.

“It was ambitious of me to write such a complicated story,” says Trainor. “But I didn’t want to go to any half-measures. When I released my first book and it sold so well, I realized very quickly that I had a talent for writing, and the plotlines just kept on lighting up in my mind.”

Continuing: “The McGhees, especially were so important to me as characters because they exemplify the American dream of working hard and achieving your dreams through perseverance, honesty and bravery. I can’t think of anyone who wasn’t touched by the Financial crash over the past few years – and it makes the McGhees’ story all that more relevant.”

Filled to the brim with twists, turns and excitement, ‘Meet the McGhee’s’ is a compelling debut novel from an author to watch.

‘Meet The McGhee's’ will be released on April 12th, 2014.

Official Synopsis:
Joseph Patrick McGhee is a driven man, determined to live the American Dream to its fullest. To this son of hard working Irish immigrants, that means clawing his way to the top and dedicating his life to staying there. He loves his young family intensely and wants to give them everything. In some ways he does, but he is never able to fully give them what they truly need: the gift of himself.

A mysterious character comes into Joseph’s life in the form of a seeming vagabond he meets in the park. Could this strange man be his guardian angel? Or is he just who he appears to be, a guy down on his luck and living the homeless life. He teaches Joseph where he is going wrong in life and what he is lacking but before Joseph can apply any of the lessons learned he dies in a tragic car accident.

His son Joey is still a boy, but his mother and he bravely move forward in their new life as a single parent family. Joey is devastated, never having had the relationship he wanted with his dad. He feels a bit cheated in life. Then, however, Joey starts to receive mysterious phone calls, which seem to emanate from beyond the grave… can it really be his beloved deceased father? It leads the boy to question his own sanity.

As an adult, the bizarre mystery of the phone calls comes full circle. Now a successful attorney, Joey discovers the shocking truth behind his father’s life and death. He and his friend Kevin were about to investigate the accident and as the story unfolds they learn that it really wasn’t an accident. Joey, a father himself now, learns the most valuable lesson in life, the one his father never learned until it was too late. He vows that this newest generation of the proud McGhee family will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

About the Author: John Trainor
John Trainor epitomizes the true meaning of ’’Renaissance Man''. Author, poet, artist, musician, narrator, comedian, motivational speaker, but most of all he is a proud Scot. Born and raised in Coatbridge in the west of Scotland, John hitched his wagon and settled in California. Although he has lived the past twenty years in America, he has not lost one wee bit of his inimitable Scottish brogue.

John established himself as a writer when his highly acclaimed autobiography titled ''Tell Everyone I'm Famous'' sold out, leading to the upcoming publication of his debut novel, ''Meet the McGhee's'', this author's intense passion rings true on every page.