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Meet the World's Only 15 Year Old Blind Film Director

Tim Green, a popular independent mega award winning filmmaker, TV host and syndicated radio personality


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2012 -- Tim Green, a popular independent mega award winning filmmaker (http://www.timgreenefilms.com/), TV host and syndicated radio personality known for a variety of films and finding new acts, including Rapping Granny, who he managed to over 35 national TV commercials and 25 feature films and the "Lil Homeez," Children’s film franchise and merchandising line has provided free actor/filmmaker workshops in Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta, Memphis, Baltimore, New York City and Washington, D.C. People also call Tim Green “The Walt Disney Of Hip Hop Filmmaking”.

At a recent event at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in Washington, Tim Greene described for his audience, young and old alike, about the ins and outs of the movie industry and dispensed advice to aspiring actors to keep handy proper head shots, business cards containing their photos, at least 10 resumes and reels with samples of their work.

The main attraction, however, was an interview Tim Green conducted with Elizabeth Harrington, a 4-foot-8, cute, incredibly witty and humble 15-year-old film director, who already has a children’s film, “Super Kids, Super Heroes,” a new documentary film “From Tragedy To Triumph” and an assistant director credit under her belt with Tim Green Films-Hollywood.

Unlike most directors who rely on visuals when making movies, the ninth-grader relies on hearing and her other senses. Elizabeth is completely blind. She was born with anophthalmia, which means without eyes. Her eyes are prosthetics, but she does not let anything stop her from going after her dreams and goals.

Elizabeth is believed to be among the youngest blind filmmaker worldwide.

But the turning point for Elizabeth came when she met Tim Greene at an acting convention at age 11 and, no doubt, impressed by the determined young woman, he promised her that they would work together someday.

And true to his word, they have made their first project together, with Green handling the technical aspects of their film, while Elizabeth gives the actors and actresses their instructions and feedback.

She said she would love to work with many other actors, including, Will Smith at Overbrook Entertainment, child star China Anne McClain, and Tyler Perry of Tyler Perry Studios.

She also said she is inspired by Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, because of their music and because they are blind.

Success, Elizabeth said, “takes heart, practice and faith.”

And, of course, there’s filmmaking.

“Mr. Tim has helped me learn the trade of acting and directing, and I wouldn’t trade him for a million dollars, he’s loyal,” Elizabeth said.

“She’s teachable and unique,” Greene said of Elizabeth.

As for Elizabeth herself, she has the whole filmmaking thing figured out: "It takes heart, practice and faith.”

"She fits right in with the ‘Discover Your Greatness Tours’ that I do around the country,” Greene said. “I will now look for corporate sponsors to sponsor a national tour for Elizabeth and I to speak to kids and adults worldwide. I will also pitch her to different organizations for her to be a spokesperson for kids with disabilities starting later this year." I will also book her on various Television Talk Shows around the world.

And if this story doesn't make you feel good all over, then nothing will.

Some of Tim Greene's past speaking engagements include: The Directors Guild Of America, Los Angeles Film Festival, Philadelphia Film Festival, Uplifting Minds Tour and Film Independent- Diversity (FIND).

Tim’s latest documentary project "From Tragedy To Triumph" tells the story of a community who took an abandoned supermarket in their crime infested neighborhood and turned it into a productive community center to better their neighborhood. The kids in that community went from getting D's in school to getting straight A's.

He is a national Dean’s list graduate and Sony Innovators Award Finalist with a B. S. Degree in Business Management, with a communications minor.

Tim even launched merchandising for Rappin Granny with "Granny's Own Hip Hop Soda Pop" and "Granny-O's- Breakfast Cereal" and "Granny's Greeting Cards. As a songwriter Tim has produced over 17 single releases and has two Billboard Top Ten Hits to his credit and has won over 120 tennis trophies. Story By Kevin Wilson

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