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Punta Gorda, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2014 -- Living with an STD could result in emotions of shame, fear and unworthiness that can impact anybody’s life drastically. Such people need a platform where they can come out of such negative emotions and start living life on a healthy note again. is one such website that provides that platform.

This website, designed by Jack Lombardi who is an experienced entrepreneur and has a strong background in internet marketing allows members to interact with each other through emails, instant messages and video messages or even meet them offline at various local events, support groups or learning workshops that are created by even coordinators.

This online community by the name has been started with the mission of allowing people infected with sexually transmitted diseases to connect with each other and also learn and share information with others who are also infected. This helps them get the much needed support that may not be available outside. Through the community members can also realize their self-worth and live life with dignity.

People infected with STD may continue in an unhealthy relationship or get depressed thinking about their situation and considering themselves to be unwanted. However, with a platform like they are not only able to communicate and interact with others like them but can also find the support that is highly needed in such circumstances and overcome their fear of rejection.

Contributions are sought after from various sources such as STD organizations, pharmaceutical companies and anyone who would like to contribute to a social cause and support people affected by STD. An indiegogo campaign has been designed for the website. Further information about the campaign and donations can be obtained from

About is an online dating community that has been designed by Jack Lombardi with an extensive background in entrepreneurship and internet marketing. This website provides a platform for all the people who are infected with STD to communicate and interact with each other either through emails, instant messaging or video messaging and allows members to meet offline by attending local events, support groups or learning workshops created by event coordinators. This is a platform where people can become aware and move on to responsible socializing thus reducing the rate of transmission. Through this platform people can come out of the social stigma attached to the STD and feel worthy about themselves once again.

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