Mega Rock Studios Celebrates Half a Million Downloads in First 6 Months


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2013 -- Mega Rock Studios reached an impressive milestone. The company is proud to announce that they have reached the milestone of 500 thousand downloads since they launched their first app. The event is even more important as the number was hit in only sixth months. Yes, it took Mega Rock Studios just half a year to get to celebrate 500k downloads of its apps.

The first app was launched on June 15, 2012 and has witnessed an overwhelming response since then. The download activity started growing from day one and picked the pace before reaching its peak towards the end of the last year. The best month was December 2012, when there were 360k downloads made on different games and apps. This is the starting point for 2013, a year in which Mega Rock Studios wants to grow even more.

Mega Rock Studios provides various games for download. People have the privilege to choose from a variety of games from all tastes. For those who like speed and suspense, Auto Crimes is a valid option. To see more specifications, visit

Another racing game compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is Anarchy Monster Trucks. Following the link, gives more specifications about it. Car games are one of the most popular ones in the virtual environment, being in the top preferences of children and adults.

A game dedicated to the entire family is “360 Shark Surf”. It delivers a special racing experience which takes the user to the ocean world. As a shark, gamers are able to jump, surf, and flip their way through the water. To get more information about this, readers may follow the link for more information about this.

The fans of Nintendo's classic Mario Kart are able to try another mega fun game – Mega Kart Madness. It is all about speed, adrenaline, and racing in Mega Kart Madness. Follow the link for more details about the product.

Mega Rock Studios have many products along with these. To see the full list, interested folks may visit the company’s web site: There are games to download and play on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Games are fun and represent a good way to relax and entertain. For children it’s a nice opportunity to learn something new and useful and to develop a range of skills. For adults, it’s an option to get rid of daily stress either on breaks at work or after work at leisure. The most used commercial games have fascinating graphics and they give the player the impression of being in a real world.

Mo Smith,
Mega Rock LLC,
Washington, DC