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Megan Fox and Jessica Alba Living Proof That the Paleo Diet Works, Watchfit Expert Reveals the Truth


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2014 -- Over the past five years, the momentum and following for the Paleo Diet has grown significantly amongst health professionals and lay people alike. Now more and more celebrities ranging from actors to singers to pro-athletes are attesting their body’s successes on this form of diet.

Megan Fox and Jessica Alba are just two of the most recent celebrities to come out as advocates for the Paleo Diet; acclaiming the diet’s abilities on their recent success and body transformations. Fox has now regained her post baby body just five months after giving birth and Alba maintains her excellent physique following the principles of the Paleo Diet. T

he diet advocates the consumption of unprocessed foods such as: meat, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, whilst eliminating all processed foods such as sugars and grains. There is also the encouragement to exclude dairy from your diet if you are sensitive or have particular gut problems. The overall ethos of the diet is to eat like our hunter gathers did which really means looking more at the quality rather than the quantity of our calorie intake. Most people who follow a paleo Diet Puts great emphasis on exactly where their food comes from ensuring they eat local produce and responsibly sourced animal products.

This being said, the Paleo Diet still remains very controversial amongst certain health professionals and mainstream nutrition bodies, Emily Maguire, MSc in Obesity Science and Watchfit expert points out. Health professionals claim that there is not enough evidence on this form of diet and that no one will be able to sustain this way of eating; with many also claiming it could be harmful to people’s health, she explains.

Stories like the ones with Alba and Fox, sharing their success on this form of diet, also just leads health professionals to conclude that this must be a form of fad “celebrity” diet. However, there is now a growing body of evidence on this topic and a recent randomised controlled trial published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, looked at the long-term effects of a paleo diet in a group of menopausal women. In this population group, they found that those in the paleo group not only lost more weight and body fat, but also had a significant reduction in waist circumference at 12 months.

The key to making this type of dietary approach sustainable is making it a complete lifestyle change, the experts clarifies. Granted any “diet” that you are intending to follow for the short term can certainly be claimed as a fad or unsustainable; this is why many health professionals may believe that paleo is not sustainable.

However, one major point that is missed with regards to this dietary approach is that it should and most definitely can be sustained over the long-term. Most individuals who follow this dietary approach do so with the intention of sticking with it as a complete lifestyle change. They have adopted the mind-set that their eating patterns and food choices will be consistently different to what they were doing before and stay this way. This is quite clearly been the case as highlighted with Fox and Alba. As well as many celebrities backing this form of diet, there is a vast amount of normal individuals doing their very own n=1 experiments with this diet and finding that they too are reaping the benefits. Many would argue that it is more scientific data that is needed to prove that the diet works and whilst this is definitely true, sometimes actions can speak louder than words. Seeing the improvements in body composition and health that can be achieved with the paleo diet both over the long and short term, is more living and practical proof of what this diet can and does achieve.

Adopting a diet that advocates the consumption of foods in their whole form and the removal of processed or artificial ingredients, can and is now being argued as being a better dietary approach to what is currently making most nations sicker. As long as this is adopted as lifestyle change, then like Alba and Fox, this is something that can and does work in helping to improve people’s body and health.

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