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MegaSack Corporation Redesigns Its Patented MegaSack One Ton Tote Bags for Better Durability


Magnolia, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- MegaSack Corporation, a company that has been dedicated in providing bulk bags and industrial packaging products since 1991, recently announced that their best selling product, the patented MegaSack One Ton Tote Bag has now been redesigned to offer even better durability and handling.

The “MegaSack Bulk Bags” have already become a popular product in southern part of the U.S. due to its functionality focused design capable of holding large amount of items. The one ton bags have also been complimented for their easy handling, a criteria that MegaSack Corporation has excelled at by designing the bulk bags in a ‘tote’ style by including very firm handles on all four corners of the MegaSack Bulk Bags. Realizing the potential of their innovative bulk bag the company patented them and now has become a premier provider.

MegaSack Bags are custom made depending on the storage requirement. For example the company provides MegaSack Baffled Bags for soybean, rice, wheat in 2000lbs and 2500lbs options, for sand in 3000lbs and 4000lbs, for fertilizers in 1000lbs and 2000lbs and for various other storage & transporting needs. MegaSack Corporation also provides high quality custom printing on the bags and even takes care of recycling of the used bags.

Apart from the MegaSack Bulk Bags, the company also offers woven polypropylene bags, fiber and polyethylene drums, repair tapes, stretch wraps, burlap bags, gloves, red mesh bags and various other industrial packaging products. The bags provided by the MegaSack Corporation can all be custom made to meet any requirement and are made by very durable materials to ensure longevity of the products.

Their innovation behind the design of the bags can also be seen in their red mesh bags line. The red mesh bags which come in 5lb, 10lb and 50lb sizes have black draw string and can be purchased with customized labels.

The redesign of the MegaSack Bulk Bags will further improve the performance of the already nearly perfected bags and ease the process of storage and transportation.

About MegaSack Corporation
Established in 1991, MegaSack Corporation is one of the leading companies that provides bulk bags and various industrial packaging products in the U.S. Known for its patented one ton tote bag “MegaSack”, the company has become a premier manufacturer and distributor of bulk bags, red mesh bags and polypropylene bags in the southern part of the country. Through their online platform,, specific details of the bags and products offered by the company can be viewed. MegaSack Corporation has been inducted in the Arkansas Small Business Hall of Fame and is a member of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (FIBCA).

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