M.E.K. Releases Hot New Single "We Are Ready"

Lims Records recording artist M.E.K. has officially unleashed a brand new generational anthem “We Are Ready” to dance and pop fans around the globe.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Are you ready? Lims Records recording artist M.E.K. has officially unleashed a brand new generational anthem “We Are Ready” to dance and pop fans around the globe. Coupled with an eye-popping music video and radio airplay everywhere from the UK and Netherlands to Kenya, this up and coming solo artist is ready to make her statement to the music industry.

A proud independent artist, singer and songwriter, M.E.K. defines herself with a uniquely captivating vocal tone while penning all of her lyrics and co-producing her own tracks. Following a series of singles in 2012 under her original name Emee-Kay, the transition to Lims Records and unveiling of “We Are Ready” in late 2013 signal a bright, promising new chapter in this young, fiery artist’s career.

Heart-pumping adrenaline-fueled beats power the track, which is driven even further by M.E.K.’s unmistakable singing. She spoke about the song’s inspiration, saying “This song was written for the ‘rising generation.’ I feel that we are facing challenges like no other generation has before, and this song is how I feel that we should take it on---head first. No fear.”

While soaring through the 5-minute track, flashes of Beyonce, J Cole, Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Adele and Kelly Rowland pop up, consistently intertwined with her own personal flair. Her high standards and commitment to positivity are crystal clear, as she strives to remain a great example and influence for young listeners around the world.

M.E.K. first broke on the scene with the 2012 singles "Do You Know," "Serenity," "Pretender" and "Show Off," which were distributed worldwide by LRT Entertainment/Ingroove Fontana. After landing a featured spot on the Summer Music Watch mixtape by Hoopla Media Group & DJ Fade alongside Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, MC Ren of NWA, Audio Stepchild and others, she decided to go completely independent with Las Vegas’ Lims Records in 2013.

“We Are Ready” is available to purchase online via iTunes and Amazon now. Check out the official music video on YouTube and connect with M.E.K. on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up on all the latest news.

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About M.E.K.
M.E.K. is signed to the Las Vegas based record label, Lims Records. She is the leading artist of the label and was signed in February of 2012 and feels very fortunate to be playing such a big role in the growth and development of the label as well as her own music.

M.E.K. is very determined and focused on her dreams. She, along with her entire label, believe that it is possible to reach the main stream level in the music industry while remaining completely INDEPENDENT. "With the right mindset, belief, and work ethic, anything is possible," she quotes.