Joe Bragg Explains How to Choose the Perfect Melatonin Dosage for a Good Night's Sleep


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Melatonin is the most popular natural sleep aid in the world. Unlike sleeping pills, melatonin is a natural compound produced by the body every day. Instead of flooding the body with chemicals, melatonin simply accelerates a natural process that already occurs within the body.

At, visitors can learn everything they need to know about choosing the right melatonin dosage. The website explains the best ways in which to use the natural sleep aid as well as the easiest ways to purchase melatonin from any local store or pharmacy.

The website begins by introducing the dangers of sleeping problems. Specifically, sleeping problems have been linked to many different health issues, including lack of concentration, high blood pressure, and even loss of interest in life. While most people consider these problems to be a result of external factors – like stress at work – they are often linked to a lack of sleep.

As a spokesperson for explains, anyone who has noticed a sudden increase in moodiness or irritability is encouraged to try melatonin to see if that alleviates the problem:

“In many cases, those who suffer from sleeping problems are not even aware that they’re having trouble sleeping. They may wake up dozens of times throughout the night, only to forget about those miniature wakeup periods in the morning. This leaves the individual feeling confused, angry, and irritated.”

Melatonin is a natural compound produced by the body in preparation for sleep. Unfortunately, modern lifestyle habits tend to block the production of melatonin. Staying up late viewing artificial light from computer and television screens, for example, can negatively impact the body’s production of melatonin.

Melatonin supplements are designed to combat this problem by spiking the body’s levels of melatonin. As melatonin levels rise, it becomes easier and easier to fall asleep. By choosing the right dosage of melatonin, users can choose approximately when they want to wake up.

A spokesperson explains why many people find melatonin useful:

“Melatonin is used by people all over the world. Travelers use it to quickly overcome jet lag, for example, and employees who work night shift can use it to instantly return to a normal sleep schedule. There are so many different uses for melatonin, and since it is a natural supplement, it’s also non habit-forming.”

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