Joe Bragg Helps Visitors Fix Their Internal Sleep Cycle with New Melatonin Guide


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- Melatonin is one of the most popular natural sleep aids on the market today. Melatonin is actually produced by the body every day. However, some bodies do not produce enough melatonin due to the challenges of a modern lifestyle. Staying up late viewing artificial light from computer screens, for example, can disrupt the body’s melatonin cycle and lead to serious sleep disorders.

That’s a problem wants to solve. At, visitors will learn more about the advantages of melatonin and its usefulness as a sleep aid. The website explains how melatonin affects the body along with its potential side effects.

As a spokesperson for Melatonin For Sleep explains, melatonin has been used by people suffering from a number of different issues:

“Many of those who use melatonin are simply trying to reset their natural body clocks. They may be work night shifts, for example, but are trying to adapt to a daytime schedule. Other melatonin users are suffering from jet lag after a recent vacation, while some have medical conditions like sleep apnea or insomnia.”

Unlike synthetic sleeping pills, melatonin is a natural supplement that is already produced by the body on a daily basis. The body’s melatonin production is fuelled by natural light cycles. When somebody is referring to their ‘internal clock’, they are generally referring to their body’s production of melatonin. Melatonin controls when the body feels the need to fall asleep and when it feels the need to wake up.

Exposing retinas to light of any type prohibits the production of melatonin. When the eye sees natural light during the day, for example, it prevents the production of melatonin. At night, when light leaves the sky, the body starts to produce melatonin. Unfortunately, since most people view some sort of artificial light at night – from their TVs, smartphones, or computers – the body’s production of melatonin is disrupted.

There are many reasons why a sleep schedule can be disrupted. Pulling an all-night studying session for school, for example, can cause sleep problems for a week. Whether searching for a sleep aid to handle night shift scheduling or simply interested in falling asleep more quickly every night, aims to help solve sleepless problems for anyone in the world.

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