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Melbourne Gun Club May 2014 Shoot Program: Gun Mate Encourages Participation

The Melbourne Gun Club is now welcoming participation from its members in its May 2014 Shoot Program where winners in activities like the Skeet Bonanza will be given cash prizes and other awards.


Carlton, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- The Melbourne Gun Club has officially announced its May 2014 Shoot Program open to its members to be held at the club’s grounds. This program is open to its adult, junior and super junior members. The Melbourne Gun Club is recognised as one of the biggest and most equipped clay target shooting clubs in Australasia. The club continually supports gun sports by holding shooting competitions and this May, with activities such as the Skeet Bonanza, this is set out to attract more people into trying it out.

Only existing members and their family members will be able to join in the said programs that mostly start at 11:00am. One of its most anticipated events is the Skeet Bonanza that will commence on May 3-4 at 9:00am where it will be featuring an all-day Saturday sale on Calcutta Raffle tickets. Before the draw, participants will be treated on a free barbecue on Saturday night. Whoever wins the Overall High Gun program will be bringing home a cash prize of $600, a sash and a trophy while Graded and Section High Guns winners will be awarded $300 cash prize and a sash.

To encourage public participation, the club is now offering a Come & Try session where participants will be coached by the more experienced members of the club. This is scheduled every first week of the month and interested applicants will only be entertained through per booking schedule. Slots are only limited for 35 people each month. Fees of $60 for adults and $20 for juniors are applicable and a deposit of 50% will be required for those booking in groups of five. The Come & Try activity usually lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours, giving participants ample time to gauge if they like the sport.

Aaron Mulligan, a gun expert at Gun Mate™, said that they are supporting this event since Melbourne Gun Club only promotes the use of guns when safety is prioritised. He was quoted saying, “A business like Gun Mate is not your regular retail provider since the products we are offering to the public are not your standard home appliances. The use of guns has been continually frowned upon because of accidents brought about by irresponsible gun ownership. We know for a fact that the Melbourne Gun Club only accepts participants that have gun licenses and we see this as a way to promote its responsible use. While I am not blatantly encouraging that everyone should buy a gun, I know for a fact that gun sport is liberating since I participate in hunting activities myself and I hope that other people would come to love the sport just like I do.”