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Melbourne Podiatrist Launches New, User Friendly Website


Sandringham, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- Christopher Wheeler, senior podiatrist and owner of Melbourne Podiatrist, announced the launch of the practice’s new website. The site contains a wealth of information about foot care at every stage of life, from children’s feet to issues encountered by adults. The new site features an intuitive user interface that allows visitors to quickly find the information they seek.

Melbourne Podiatrist is one of the most comprehensive and progressive foot clinics available. The practice provides preventative care and treats an array of injuries, skin conditions and nail problems. Feet are responsible for bearing the weight of the entire body and modern work and play environments are hard on feet. High heels, ill-fitting footwear and injuries all contribute to foot problems that can be treated at the practice.

Children have special foot related needs that need to be addressed to prevent problems that can plague them later in life. The professionals at Melbourne Podiatry treat a range of children’s foot conditions and alignment issues. The clinic has solutions for those with flat feet, deformities, injuries and problems standing or walking.

Orthotics can be prescribed for children or adults to provide support, ease pain and treat alignment issues. The devices are effective in realigning feet and ankle bones into normal positions. Pain that displays in the ankles, shin, heel and lower back may originate in the feet. Custom orthotics provides patients with a comfortable and discreet means of correcting a variety of problems.

Sports and recreational activities to stay health and fit have led to an increase in fractures, tendonitis, sprains and numerous joint problems. The practice treats fractures, injuries arising from overuse and offers in-depth biomechanical analysis for performance enhancement. Patients can easily discover if they have potential problems or are at special risk by participating in their chosen activities.

Shockwave therapy utilizes sound waves to stimulate the body’s own healing abilities. It can be prescribed for treatment of injuries and rehabilitation needs. The method helps accelerate the healing process and has a sustained analgesic effect for pain relief. Shockwave therapy helps strength bone and aids in the repair of soft tissue.

Melbourne Podiatrist assists clients manage chronic conditions and diseases that afflict the feet. Patients can obtain relief from pain and learn how to prevent work-related injuries. Clients can receive treatment for a variety of conditions that includes nail fungus and corns to calluses, warts and cracked heels.

Feet are placed under enormous stress each day and Melbourne Podiatrist ensures they work properly. The practice is committed to providing patients with the most effective treatments and services to ensure exemplary foot health for all stages of life.

The practice can be reached in Sandringham at 9555 6555 and at the Brunswick location at 9387 8555. For more information, visit  Melbourne Podiatrist  online.

About Christopher Wheeler
Christopher Wheeler is the senior podiatrist at Melbourne Podiatrist and has more than 25 years of experience. His expertise and success in treating running injuries and complex cases is well documented, with more than 92,000 contacts to his credit. He served on the Council of the Australian Podiatry Association for two years and was appointed editor of the prestigious Journal of the Australia Podiatry Council, now known as the Australia Journal of Podiatric Medicine. He’s an honourary affiliate of the Division of Podiatry for the La Trobe and Charles Sturt Universities, and is a Fellow of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. A prolific author, Wheeler wrote about foot care in the Lonely Planet series and was one of a team of authors contributing to The Lymphoedema Handbook, along with the revised edition of the Handbook. He’s a frequent guest expert on ABC Radio 774 on Saturday mornings.

Christopher Wheeler
Melbourne Podiatrist
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