Member of Reveals How 10-Point Criteria Was Created is a Review Website that Finally Announced How They Created their Industry Standard 10-point Criteria


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2013 -- (BCSC) recently published a blog on their website unveiling how the BCSC team created their prestigious 10-point Criteria. This Criteria is used to score all credit score companies and rank them from the most reliable and credible to the least. BCSC’s 10-point Criteria has proven to be positively altering the credit score industry.

“Creating our 10-point Criteria took months because we wanted to hold these credit score companies to a higher standard,” Kelly Edwards, Senior Finance Editor said. “Once we felt the Criteria was as perfect as it could be, we wanted to share our process with consumers so they are confident that BCSC built it to find the best credit score companies.”

The blog titled “How We Made the 10-point Criteria” walks through one of the BCSC team members’ perspective of the step-by-step process. It explained how it wasn’t simply put together. The Criteria had:

- Easy factors that would automatically be included
- Revised factors that needed a new/altered requirement
- Added, important factors that took months to discover
- Reductions of weight to some factors

The BCSC team member stated that it took months of discussing, analyzing and researching to get the Criteria to its most-perfect state.

The blog goes on to explain how the Criteria was made for both the consumer and the credit score industry. The purpose of the Criteria was to let consumers know what they most need in a credit score company. It helps guide them into knowing what features are “fluff” and what features they actually need. On the other hand, the Criteria was made for the credit score companies because the BCSC team wanted them to know that they need to reconsider what they’re doing and include the most important credit score services.

“We felt that the BCSC team needed to be open with the consumers and industry on how we created the 10-point Criteria; it wasn’t thrown together overnight,” Edwards said. “The Criteria was well thought out and strategically calculated to make sure that the best credit score companies would shine above the credit score companies wanting to take the consumers’ money.” reviews and ranks all credit score companies against each other in the industry. They research everything from their package details to amount of consumer complaints and lawsuits, and then scores them according to their 10-point Criteria. includes companies that provide services for both consumer and commercial use. Their website encourages users to also leave reviews on credit score companies they have interacted with.

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