Membrane Bioreactor Systems Market - MBR Systems Cost Is Also Likely to Attribute to Drive the Market Growth

This research is designed to estimate, analyze, and forecast the market revenue of MBR systems across the global market. The study explains the value chain for MBR systems that includes primary value adding activities and important actors of the value chain including membrane module suppliers, manufacturers and assemblers.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2016 -- Membrane bioreactor technique is one of the new yet swiftly maturing technologies in the waste water treatment industries. Conventional ubiquitous technologies are estimated to be replaced by MBR systems in the coming years, owing to low operation and maintenance costs of MBR systems. Conventional activated sludge (CAS) is one of the conventional waste water treatment techniques which had issues of settling activated sludge and secondary clarifiers. Most of the drawbacks were overcome by innovative MBR systems that gained significant popularity over the past decade. Greater use of automated MBR systems, increased usage of MBR systems by municipalities worldwide, rising concerns of declining fresh water content and increased demand in several sectors are expected to bolster the overall MBR systems market growth. Plunging MBR systems cost is also likely to attribute to drive the market growth in the coming years. Fouling of membrane utilized in the MBR systems couple with the high initialization costs are some of the factor that are likely to constrain the market growth. However, upcoming advanced techniques are estimated to overshadow the restraints in the coming two to four years.

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Hollow fiber MBR system is one of the early stage eminent techniques that are still expected to dominate the market globally over the coming years. Simplicity and high output efficiency has helped hollow fiber MBR systems sustain relentlessly over the past couple of years. Flat sheet and Multi-tubular products incurred high operation and maintenance costs which led to their dampened market growth. Several countries across the globe made waste water treatment highly imperative on account of the declining fresh water content coupled with growing necessity for water worldwide. Chinese MBR systems market is expected to grow due to rising regulatory intervention which in turn is likely to bolster MBR systems demand in Asia Pacific region. Growing industrialization in emergent nations is estimated to generate substantial demand for fresh usable water that in turn is likely to fuel market growth in the next two to five years. The market comprises of key configuration type segments including submerged and side stream. MBR systems market was dominated in 2012 by submerged systems that are likely to continue over the forecast period. High operation and maintenance cost has dampened the side stream configuration segment growth.

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Asia Pacific dominated the market in 2012 and accounted for over 38% of the global annual revenue. China witnessed an urbanization rate of more than 40% which is probable to accelerate the water demand primarily for agricultural and industrial applications. Wastewater reclamation has been one of the major focuses by the national environmental protection plan in the country. Northern provinces of China were some of the initiators of waste water reclamation activities in China. It was followed by Europe and North America which faces squeezed growth rate due to matured market phase. MBR systems market in Europe and North America is expected to grow primarily owing to growing demand for replacement of membrane and filters. Mexico was one of the niche markets, however, enactment of several regulatory interventions and provision of heavy subsidy in the region is expected to augment the market growth substantially over the next two years. Growing popularity and rising reclamation activities worldwide is likely to augment market growth, which in turn is expected to fuel overall product demand significantly in the coming years.

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GE Zenon is estimated to be one of the leading players of MBR systems market that held substantial market share in 2012. The acquisition of Zenon by GE aided both the companies to reinforce their position in the global market. Beijing Origin Water Technology is one of the companies in China that continuously focuses on implementation of water reclamation activities that in turn is expected to achieve 10% reclamation of fresh water in China by 2015. Rising demand and growing popularity of MBR systems in the emerging nation has helped the MBR systems and suppliers proliferate significantly over the recent years.

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