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Memoir Details 'Spiritually Gifted' Girl's Struggle to Survive the Nazi Regime, World War II, Post-War Years, and the Rescue by the Berlin Airlift.

Written by Olivia Hope, ‘From the Shadows into the Light: The search to touch the face of God’ is a gripping and heartbreaking account of Hope’s childhood in Germany during World War II. With a Jewish mother, Hope’s life was balanced on a razor wire and the cruelty of the Gestapo threatened to tear the family apart. A stirring memoir, Hope’s story is also a love letter to the strangers who ensured her survival and saved her family from the madness of war.


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- It was Anne Frank who wrote, “It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”

To Olivia Hope, author of new memoir, ‘From the Shadows into the Light: The search to touch the face of God’, Anne’s words ring true. Although brutality and racism exploded into Hope’s life at a very young age, she never lost faith, and instead, believed even more fervently in the inherent goodness of the human race.

“As a child, I received angel visits, which helped me to guide my family to survival,” says Hope. “I saw God in so many acts of kindness throughout the war, from my mother covering our bodies with her own during a bomb attack, to the rescue of our family by the American heroes and its allies of the Berlin Airlift in 1948.”

Hope’s account of her experiences during the war is searing, remarkable and above all, a moving testament to the enduring power of love.

This autobiographical story is very timely with its vivid and gripping anecdotes. When Olivia's mother covered her children with her body during a bomb attack pleading with God to spare their lives, Olivia's search began to touch the face of God.

Under Hitler's rule, enforced by his henchmen, the Gestapo, only pure Arian couples were permitted marriage certificates. It was illegal to live with or to be married to a non-Arian. The German government denied a marriage certificate to Olivia's parents and refused child support.

Olivia's family was shunned as outcasts and her parents received numerous warnings by the Gestapo to dissolve their illegal relationship since her mother was of Jewish decent. The tenacity of Olivia's mother is a touching account of a mother's love for her children and the will to survive. This true story exposes the plight of innocent people and the suffering children who are caught in the middle when nations are in conflict and at war. Read about how this family mastered unbearable obstacles, and coped with the rejection by society, even after the war.

In 1948, the Russians blocked all in and outgoing entrances in their territory to the city in an attempt to take over Berlin, the distraught citizens thought World War III began. People panicked and turmoil ensued, since food and supply was no longer available. Children died in their mother's arms and hope for survival seemed impossible, until...

Read about under what circumstances the city of Berlin was saved during the greatest humanitarian intervention of all times. Included in the book are stories and pictures from Gail Halvorsen, the world renowned Candy Bomber of Berlin, and numerous Berlin Airlift veterans who share their encounters during the Berlin Airlift.

Since its publication, the book has earned glowing reviews.

“For someone with no direct experience with the reality of war, this book is truly enlightening. I found myself in Olivia's shoes--feeling her sorrow and fear, triumph at times, resilience and hope. It is an amazing read, revealing and inspiring. Olivia's tribute to the Berlin Airlift heroes for saving the City of Berlin from starvation is a message of real hope in times of true need. I recommend the book to people of all ages and backgrounds. You will enjoy it,” wrote vsmith.

“…Entirely different take on issues and struggles a young woman faces growing up in Germany and the differences made by acts of caring. Insightful! Olivia's take is different to any other book I have read. Way to go U.S.A!” wrote Srossy34.

‘From the Shadows into the Light: The search to touch the face of God’, published by Ruth Publications, is available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/KlTe3A

About Olivia
Olivia, the third of six siblings, was born in Berlin, Germany, during a bomb attack at the beginning of World War II. Her parents, both born in Berlin, were practicing Christians. Her mother's maternal heritage was Jewish, dating back many generations. Under Hitler's law, it became illegal for Aryans to be associated with Jews. Their already heart breaking lives took a turn for the worst.

This is an amazing retelling of the terror of growing up in a country at war, the courage, and fortitude of a little girl and her continued journey and supernatural experiences to adulthood. She made it her lifetime mission to thank all the nations and their citizens who came to the rescue. The heroism, and generosity of the American military and its Allies, Great Britain, France, and the extraordinary American people that saved the family.

Sustained by the gift of faith, Olivia committed herself to human service work, and her passion, celebrating the spirit of America. She became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1970.