Michael Douglas Carlin

Memorial Day Sacrifices Lead to Peace


Century City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2012 -- This weekend we remember the blood of all of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend our great nation. We honor them and we salute them for what they have done for us… granting us the freedom that we enjoy. They paid the price for us by standing a post and walking a wall. They charged into harm’s way to secure a hill. They manned the battle stations at sea or protected us from the air. They parachuted under the cover of darkness to surprise the enemy. They stormed the shores of Normandy. They fought their own relatives to liberate the bonds of slavery. They died in trenches in the Great War to end all wars.

Their dream of peace is not in vain. Their blood was spilt with meaning as they have laid the cornerstone in the foundation for lasting peace. There is much work to do to achieve this lasting peace. More will be called upon to serve and more will answer this call by making the ultimate sacrifice. But the peace will be ushered in. The peace will sweep the land upon the shoulders of the heroes – many of whom are unknown.

A father of two military kids contemplates peace more when his son is on the field of battle. Those contemplations led to a book entitled, “A Prescription For Peace.” The book details how we can elevate humanity to usher in an era of lasting peace. And in the contemplation of peace the answers might be surprising. Especially when you follow a group of veterans around that take relief to war torn countries. Who wants peace more than the battle tested warrior? Those that have endured the horrors of war and worked hard to rebuild in the aftermath of destruction may have the key to obtaining lasting peace.

A Prescription For Peace” might be worth a read.

Swords can be beat into ploughshares. Warriors can lay down their weapons to tend the earth and bring forth nourishment for a starving world. Abundance can replace scarcity. Peace can rule the day. Happy Memorial Day! Your sacrifices will never be forgotten.

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