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A Heartfelt New Series Developed by Recent College Graduates


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- Introducing a few recent University of Michigan graduates with a common dream: to tell the stories that need to be told; Nadia Langworthy, Grace Hawkins, and Zach Bucholtz, the producers of this project, are “three of the most passionate young filmmakers you will ever meet”. They believe movies can make an impact on the world, and that's what they strive to do.

Anyone who has lost someone they loved will find that this thirty-minute film sparks some familiar emotions. The story centers on the relationship between two sisters, Scarlet and Anita, through regular bedside conversations in Scarlet's college apartment they dub "memory foam confessions." The film takes place around an accident that sends Anita to the hospital in critical condition, leaving Scarlet heartbroken.

Through flashbacks, it is seen that the sisters are perfect complements to each other: yin-and-yang. Scarlet is creative and easy-going, but also shy and self-critical; her biggest problem is that she always tries to do what others expect of her. Anita is quite the opposite; she does her own thing without regard to others' opinions and is the braniac of the family.

This is a series of 15 "mini" short films with three simple rules: Each film can be no longer than 5 minutes, it must have something to do with childhood, and each is to be written by a different writer, giving these very familiar ideas new life and new perspectives.

The great thing about children, and the reason they want to tell stories from their perspective, is their innocence. Children are the purest, most genuine human beings. Everything they experience - fear, triumph, joy, love, learning - is magnified, and the producers explore all of that in this series.

The filmmakers have posted a link to an award winning (Best Comedy, Young Michigan Filmmakers Festival 2013) past work they’ve done, available here:

To read more about “Memory Foam Confessions” or to donate, you can visit their Kickstarter here:

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