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MEMS Microphones Market: Key Players: Electronics, LLC., AAC Technologies, Goertek, BSE Co., Ltd., STMicroelectronics, Analog Devices, Inc Among Others

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2018 -- Microphones in mobile phones are not only used for capturing voice for transmission, it also works as audio sensors to support voice activation and provide high quality audio. These microphones enable to provide high quality audio recording and voice calls over mobile devices. MEMS microphones, in comparison with traditional microphones have smaller thickness, can withstand high temperatures and provide an enhanced audio quality. The small size of MEMS Microphones enables to integrate with various type of electrical devices such as mobile phones, tablets and Bluetooth headsets etc. In addition to these, MEMS microphones consume less power and are easier to integrate on a semiconductor.

The enhanced features of MEMS microphones, have henceforth led to enter into new application areas such as its increased adoption in various electrical devices. With the evolution of smart phones and various voice activated products, the demand of MEMS microphones is further expected to rise. Furthermore, the product has been adopted in hearing aids as well.

MEMS Microphones Market: Drivers and Restraints

The primary driver for MEMS microphones market is the increasing adoption of mobile devices such as smartphone, tablets etc. The enhanced features such as improved audio recording provided by MEMS microphones has increased usage in mobile devices, accelerating the growth of MEMS microphones market. In addition to this, recent adoption of MEMS microphones in the field of healthcare is also driving the market of MEMS microphones. These microphones are implemented in devices such as blood pressure monitoring systems, hearing aids etc. Furthermore, less consumption of power results into its increased adoption.

Inefficient quality of voice, especially in noisy environments are the challenges limiting the growth and adoption of MEMS microphones.

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MEMS Microphones Market: Market Segmentation

Global MEMS Microphones Market can be divided into the following segments - based on type and applications.

Segmentation on basis of Type for MEMS Microphones Market:

The major segments of MEMS Microphones market on basis of Type include:

MEMS Condenser Microphones: These MEMS microphones are also termed as MEMS capacitive microphones. This type of MEMS microphone comprises of air gap capacitors with a back-plate and a flexible diaphragm. In a MEMS condenser Microphone the sound generation moves the diaphragm with which capacitance changes, resulting into an amplified voltage.

Piezoelectric MEMS Microphones: Piezoelectric MEMS microphones do not comprise of air gap capacitors. In these types of microphones, the deformed diaphragm, in response to sound waves, generates electrical signals. The electrical signals are generated by materials such as aluminium nitride, which functions on piezoelectric effect.

Segmentation on basis of Applications forMEMS Microphones Market:

The major segments of MEMS Microphones market on basis of applications include:

Mobile devices

Hearing aids

Bluetooth headsets


Digital assistants such as Amazon Echo, Google home etc.

Global MEMS Microphones Market Trends

Implementing the applications of MEMS microphones in hearing aids as it enables an enhanced sound quality is the recent global trend followed by various players. The suppliers focus on providing advanced hearing aids with features such as Bluetooth and noise cancellation etc.

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Global MEMS Microphones Market Technology Regional Overview

APAC dominates the global MEMS microphone market as the majority of suppliers of MEMS microphones are present in the region. China contributes the maximum towards the market. With the increasing adoption of electronic appliances such as mobile phones and televisions, the region is expected to retain its dominancy in MEMS microphones market. APAC is followed by Europe and North America.

Global MEMS Microphones Key Players

Some of the major MEMS microphones global players include Knowles Electronics, LLC., AAC Technologies, Goertek, BSE Co., Ltd., STMicroelectronics, Analog Devices, Inc., Hosiden Corporation, Mouser Electronics, Inc., NeoMEMS Technologies Inc. and Akustica Inc.