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Men Beat the Holiday Blues, Learn How to Ask a Girl Out With Input from CouplesAdvice.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2011 -- The holidays are a magical time of the year, filled with great food, quality time with friends and family, traditional seasonal music, shopping for gifts, and of course parties.

But with all of the joy the season brings, the multitude of so-called exciting get-togethers and parties can sometimes remind people who are not in a relationship just how single they are and give them a case of the holiday blues.

And for many men, the pressure increases to meet a beautiful, smart woman to bring home to meet the family. However, knowing where to find a person’s perfect match is not always so simple. And once a great candidate is spotted, understanding how to ask a girl out can be even more challenging.

To learn the best methods and techniques to score a date, men everywhere are seeking advice from the team of dating experts at CouplesAdvice.com. Featuring a variety of helpful articles on the topics of dating, love, marriage and relationships, the site provides people with first-hand accounts and an array of dating dos and don’ts. The site’s latest article, “How to Ask a Girl Out” offers men detailed recommendations about where, when and how to get a girl to say “yes” to a date the first time.

The article focuses on a dating question from Alonso from Eureka, CA who cannot figure out what he is doing wrong and is seeking advice on the best way to ask a girl out.

Alonso said, “Lately I’ve been really putting the effort in, because I’d like to meet some women and maybe find a long term girlfriend. But even if I spend hours in bars every night of the week I can’t seem to get any girls to talk to me for long, much less go out with me. What am I doing wrong? I do my best to be polite and charming. But whatever I say never works.”

The experts at CouplesAdvice.com provide Alonso with a host of suggestions and let him know what he is saying to women is important, but he should also focus on body language and subtextual clues.

In addition to the latest article, “How to Ask a Girl Out,” CouplesAdvice.com helps people stay on track in their current relationships with an assortment of columns regarding love and marriage.

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