Men Dilemmas - A New Website Launches That Explores the Mindset of Men


Canton, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Traditionally, the only dilemma men were considered to face was being the primary bread winner, while every other problem and issue was attributed to women. After all they were supposed to be the stronger ones, emotions and issues are for weaklings. Only solution? Suck it up, be a Man and rub some dirt on it! It is about time that people start to realize that men have problems too. is a website that has been launched to cater to men specially. It is a website that aims to provide men with various information about topics ranging from dating, sports, fitness and health, finance and cars.

There are a whole host of various different topics and issues that cause men stress and they have to deal with the pressures of being a man. Somehow such issues have always been ignored and overlooked. This website, is an initiative by the Custard Sister to highlight and discuss issues that men have to deal with. Initially Men Dilemmas is an upcoming web series that explores the mindset of men through the eyes of two brothers (Tony Banks and Rob Banks) and their peers. Both brothers have different careers, Tony is a lawyer and partner of a law firm while Rob is an aspiring journalist. “Men Dilemmas” is a blog that is created by Rob to provide readers a series of experiences that men encounter on a daily basis. This blog’s main focus will be the problems men encounter from women, male competition, relationships, work, finance and host of other issues, it seeks to reveal the truth about men. The blog will also serve as a platform that will allow men from all over the world to share their truths without the fear of prejudice.

This initiative was taken by the Custard Sisters, Vicki Custard and Alicia Custard. The idea for the “Men Dilemmas” web-series spun from several talk show segments of “The Custard Sisters” Internet Radio Talk Show formerly “The Alicia Custard Show”. The stories and discussions with men on this show allowed the Sisters to realize that it was necessary to tell their story via this platform, thus was created.

The website also contains several informative blog posts for men. Issues such as health and fitness have already been featured among the post. Many more diverse topics and issues in relation to men will soon be added. This website has been created for men from all over the world as a realization of their problems and the issues they have to face.

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Media Contact: Vicki Custard
Name: Custard Sisters Production LLC
Canton, MI