MENDOZA Is Running for Lemon Grove City Council


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- Matt Mendoza is announcing his candidacy for Lemon Grove City Council. The current City Council Member Mary England called Matt and asked him to run for the seat she is giving up, due to her candidacy in the State Assembly race for the 79th district. Mary stated; "I am happy to have encouraged Matt Mendoza to run as a council member for the City of Lemon Grove. In looking for a person to run for the seat I am vacating, I wanted a person that would protect the coffers of our small City, balance the budget without using the Reserves or one time money to do it, fight for our business community and make decisions that are in the best interests of all of the people we serve," England stated. "Matt will be that person. He brings a business minded approach to his campaign which is an important ingredient when looking for strong leadership," England further stated.

After careful consideration Matt agreed to run for the seat. Mendoza, one of four children born to Robert and Valentine Mendoza, was born and raised in Lemon Grove. Graduating from Mount Miguel High School, he attended Southwestern College, and currently is Manager of Operations for a multibillion-dollar aerospace company.

Mendoza’s commitment to local and state issues is what makes him a clear choice for Lemon Grove City Council. The son of a World War II veteran, Mendoza was raised to understand the value of commitment. Whether through marriage, work, community or church, standing firm for what matters and standing up to lead when necessary is the driving force behind Mendoza’s campaign.

Determining that being business friendly is a major factor to reviving this economy, Mendoza understands the needs of Lemon Grove and is motivated by a firm desire to be a strong voice for the people of the city. Mendoza stated, “As your City Councilman my priorities are economic security for families, working closely with businesses to create more local jobs, and protecting our neighborhoods. Children should be able to play in their front yards and walk to the local store without being in fear or in danger”. Mendoza further stated “Being the only candidate that is a lifelong resident of Lemon Grove, I have seen streets deteriorate without being upgraded. I will bring awareness to deteriorating infrastructure to city hall”.

Mendoza is Endorsed by; The Republican Party of San Diego, Mary England – City Council Member of Lemon Grove and Candidate for State Assembly 79th District, The Republican National Hispanic Assembly, Ryan Trabuco - San Diego County Juvenile Justice Commissioner, and Don Azul - Former Executive Director of the San Diego Veterans Coalition.

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