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MENOPOLY - New Book Provides Parody About the Grim Reality of Dating in the Techno-Age

People everywhere have an opportunity to test their dating knowledge and enlighten their senses with the newly released book MENOPOLY!


Wichita, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- The book is about the “Characters” of dating life. The author didn’t throw anyone under the bus, she just made them characters in her new book. People can read about the Pistol Packer, Hose Dragger, Bi-Polar Man, the Cheetah, Loser/Liar and many more who have seasoned the author’s life with zesty experiences to give her the “edge” on men and dating.

Everyone has either dated, or knows someone who has dated at least one of the book’s colorful characters.

Here’s a snippet:


“Getting it on with a Hose Dragger will cause a backdraft in your panties for sure! He may even offer you a wet down ceremony because you are new to his apparatus. God forbid if you wind up with a HAZMAT dude! He shows up in his protective suit thinking it’s sexy, yet he’s the one that can cause injury or damage once his hose is released and triggered! Whew...I think I’m having HOT flashes! Remember ladies, safety first with all hose draggers and never forget when you see one coming to……Stop, Drop and Roll!”

The book is available at: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and the website http://www.menopoly.us

ISBN: 978-1477590164

About the Author
Barby was born in L.A. However, her ‘story’ really began following a move to Oklahoma.

Feeling sorry for herself after her last ‘encounter’ of online dating, her girlfriend asked her how many guys she had dated. That’s when the realization came.

Barby had ‘had’ men in twenty four states across the United States – just twenty six more to go and – Menopoly! She wins!