Men's Divorce Lawyer: Choose the Right One

Most people think that hiring a lawyer when getting a divorce is a smart thing to do, and it often is. However, as the experiences of many men going through divorce have shown, American courts often favor women, and many divorce attorneys prefer to work for females. That is why it is frequently necessary for a male to choose a men’s divorce lawyer who will fight hard for his rights in court. The following information will offer some suggestions about how to find a good divorce attorney who will stand up for fair treatment of his male client.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Quite often, it is assumed that the wife is the person who wants out of a marriage and she is the one who sues her husband for divorce. Women most frequently gain sole physical custody of the children of the marriage and are the ones who receive child support payments from men. Divorce attorneys are usually more sympathetic to women and will argue vehemently on their female client’s behalf. That may all have a grain of truth to it, but there are many men’s divorce lawyers out there who will advocate for the rights of spousal support, child custody, and child support for their male clients. Here are some tips for men to find these attorneys. Men’s Divorce Lawyer Help Online

Ask around to others who have gone through a divorce and have ended up coming out of it in a positive manner. Men are often portrayed as victimizers of women, not victims of women, so if a men’s divorce lawyer can help a guy not lose his shirt, so to speak, in a divorce case, that may be the right attorney for one’s situation. Check with the state bar association to learn about which men’s divorce legal representatives have winning track records when facing the judge. Stop by a university’s law library and look through law reviews or legal journals to see which divorce attorneys have published articles about representing men in divorce cases. This can be very helpful in narrowing down the field.

Once one has researched men’s divorce lawyers, it is time to set up some appointments with a few of them to outline one’s case and ask questions. Be sure to inquire about retainers, hourly rates, and other fees that one’s situation may entail. Ask who else will be working on the case with the attorney and if that person’s fees will be part of the total cost. Ascertain that a particular attorney has a good rapport with her co-workers, as seeing her interacting with others can give some strong insight to a lawyer’s character.

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