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O'Ba! Launches Campaign for Healthier Men's Hair Care

Men's hair care company committed to sustaining the youth and vitality of men’s hair and scalp


Trumbull, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- O’Ba! Products LLC launched unique a line of professional Men’s Hair Care products by encouraging men to educate themselves on the ingredients in their products. O’Ba! is committed to developing products that use safe natural ingredients to sustain the health and vitality of men’s hair and scalp.

With all eyes on Brazil for the World Cup, a recently launched Brazilian line of men’s hair care products is trying to make an impact right here in the U.S. This summer, O’Ba! Products is launching with a campaign that educates men what healthier ingredients can do for the health of their hair and scalp .

“Mickey Mantle once said, ‘if he had known he was going to live as long as he had then he would have taken better care of himself’, ” explained Mike Sacco, Director of Marketing, O’Ba! Products. “That is our approach to men’s hair care. Shouldn’t men be doing more for the health of their hair now, while they still have it?”

With many household name brands under scrutiny for the harsh chemicals, sulfates and parabens in their products, O’Ba! provides a refreshing modern day line of products for men. “Sulfates are just not necessary and they strip your hair of its natural oils. We replace those harmful ingredients with ingredients that make a healthy difference.” These ingredients are sourced from the Brazilian Amazon, known for being host to some of the most vitamin-rich ingredients in the world. Acai oils, murumuru butter, coconut oils, aloe vera and cassava root are the unique ingredients that make up the foundation of O’Ba! products. Each ingredient was chosen for it’s vitamin-rich and moisturizing capabilities, which optimizes the growing conditions for men’s hair and their scalp.

The new line of men’s products can only be found in professional barbershop and salon outlets. “This is not a drug-store brand. We committed three years to developing professional products that would produce premium results,” said Sacco. If you want to find O’Ba! you can search for locations or order online at their website, obaproducts.com.

The O’Ba! campaign for healthier hair is supported by their letter to men, which describes the company’s mission and values that they stand by in their products. “We’ve been very pleased with the feedback of our brand. When a stylist tells us that ‘their clients get it. They can feel the difference.’ Those are our proudest moments.”

While the intensity builds up in Brazil with the World Cup, it looks like the new Brazilian men’s brand may just have produced a winning formula right here in the U.S.

About O’Ba! Products LLC
O’Ba! Products LLC is a Professional Men’s Hair Care Brand manufactured in the U.S with ingredients sourced from the Brazilian Amazon. They are committed to developing premium men’s hair care products that sustain and restore health and vitality in the hair and scalp.