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Mental Focus for the Long Run


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Avid runners don’t just train for speed; they often train for distance. For half-marathons and full marathons, the training often involves short runs one day and longer runs upwards of 10-15 miles on others. Not only is this physically exhausting, but many runners mention struggling with focusing on the finish line during their long runs. There are some tricks and tips runners can use during training for those long runs that will make the exercise physically and mentally satisfying at the end.

Several running blogs suggest breaking up the longer distances into segments to make them feel more manageable. Thinking of a 20 mile run in terms of four 5-mile runs makes the distance seem much more attainable, and provides encouragement along the way by allowing the runner to congratulate themselves on completing each segment.

Thanks to the invention of iPods and other portable music devices, many runners use a musical playlist as motivation to keep going. Others suggest developing a repetitive mantra to motivate the mind during the harder parts of the run, or making parts of the run into a game. Identify the number of people wearing different types of sneakers, or in colder weather, count the number of hats and scarves seen on people out and about.

Another powerful motivator is socialization. Find a running partner who’s doing a similar race or the same one and train together. If finding a partner is tough, make plans after the run to socialize with friends as a reward for your efforts. Race sponsors may also be able to direct runners to training groups, or there may be running groups around the area in search of new members.

Finally, remember that training for any long distance run isn’t an easy task. If it were, races would be run by everyone. Runners should remind themselves they’re taking on a challenge, one that will help shape not only their running personality, but have an impact on their personal pride and sense of accomplishment when finishing.

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