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Mentalist and Comedian Randy Charach Appears on HLN News Now to Provide Insight for Online Daters


Vancouver, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- Randy Charach, the mentalist famous for his unique blend of psychic reading abilities and comedic talent that come together in a fun, exhilarating performance, is pleased to announce that he recently appeared on HLN News Now (formerly CNN Headline News) to provide his expertise for uncovering the hidden meaning behind online dating personal advertisements.

In this segment Randy Charach draws on his vast wealth of knowledge in psychology and human behavior to offer honest and sound advice for online daters. Charach encourages online daters to focus on the language others use and the ways in which people communicate in emails and profiles rather than paying attention only to what is being said. Anyone who is interested in viewing the clip is invited to visit the “videos” section of Charach’s website.

Randy Charach, the “world’s funniest psychic,” offers a unique approach to entertainment that audiences love for its originality, creativity and the insight it offers into peoples’ minds and thought processes. The performances rely heavily on the participation of audience members, who often appear beside Randy Charach on stage throughout the show and will attest to his uncanny ability to predict very specific details about their lives only a few moments after being introduced. “Mind blowing! Really and truly mind blowing,” a testimonial from the Randy Charach website noted.

Randy Charach has been performing and entertaining since the age of five, when his uncle, who was a professional magician in Las Vegas, taught him his first magic trick. Since then Randy has given more than 5,000 performances over the past three decades and has had the pleasure of entertaining at destinations around the world, including Mexico, the Bahamas, Shanghai, Singapore, Australia, the Caribbean and more. Randy Charach reviews from numerous shows can be easily located on the website.

Since Randy Charach does not purport to possess any type of supernatural abilities, but rather a keen ability to gain insight into the human mind, one of the things he enjoys most is debunking psychic scams. Anyone who is interested in learning more about psychic scams is invited to visit the Randy Charach scams section of the website.

About Randy Charach
Randy Charach is a comedian and mentalist. He is a well reviewed entertainer and accomplished actor and producer. In addition to his live and television appearances, he also enjoys debunking psychic scams. For more information, please visit www.randycharach.com.