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Mexico City, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- With increasing number of tourists to Mexico, the demand of Mexican food has also risen giving business opportunities to both existing and emerging restaurants. However, finding the best restaurant may often be confusing and the tourists always look for the finest places to eat to make their vacation even more exciting. has arranged various restaurants in Mexico according to their popularity and reputation, guiding tourists and local residents to eat outs that are the most exquisite.

One of the most highly demanded food in Mexico is tacos, and many restaurants, food joints and local vendors specialize in this popular dish. has organized its restaurant listings according to food types and hence there are many restaurants within the tacos category as well. The mobile compatibility of the site enables all tourists to quickly locate nearby restaurants whose specialty is tacos and view which one of those have got the highest customer rating. Restaurants focused on servicing tacos can click here to enter details. brings everything together under one roof. Restaurants basic information, integration with social networking websites to instantly send the location to friends and families, site’s very own ‘Me Gusta’ tag which is catching on amongst the customers, pinpoint location of all restaurants through Google Maps and organized categorization under type of food and location of restaurant.

The website also has numerous frequent publications on latest happenings around the country. The publications discuss any food tasting events, competitions, new restaurant openings, recognition or awards to restaurants, recipes by world renowned chefs, nutrition and health improving diet and much more. Suggestions of which types of food to try and which restaurants to visit are also published to make eating out more exciting. Visit site to view restaurant listings. is now a leader in providing the service of online restaurants listings in Mexico. Despite its recent launch, its database is already extensive and numerous restaurants are added on a daily basis. At this pace, the website could soon cover nearly every restaurant in Mexico.

About is part of the popular website which is an extensive online directory of listings of products and services providers in Mexico. is focused on listing all restaurants and food joints in Mexico. Through the online platform the various restaurants can be viewed according to type of food, location - state and city wise, popularity and recommendations. has quickly become a leading Mexican online directory which also has mobile compatibility. With numerous businesses uploading their details every day, could soon become an essential online directory platform.

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