Lists Nearly All Hamburger Joints in Mexico, Recommends Popular Types of Burgers


Mexico City, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/12/2013 --, a website dedicated in providing listings of various restaurants and food joints, has recently added nearly all Hamburger and Hot Dog joints in Mexico. The website has also published numerous articles which recommend various popular types of burgers and elaborate on where they originate from. is part of, another popular site that is predicted as soon to be the premier online directory of products and services providers.

One interesting article informs when and where the hamburgers were actually a common diet form. Dating back to 13th century, the article explains that nomadic horsemen who roamed Asia and Eastern Europe called as Tatars made cooked ground beef as part of their daily diet. The beef was a quick snack for these horsemen who travelled to various locations in a herd. According to the article, however the name hamburger originated in early 19th century, when Germans migrated to the U.S. from the city Hamburg. These migrants brought along many dishes including the cooked ground beef steak which they called ‘Hamburg Steak’ when selling them in New York from their food stalls.

The reason for the popularity of the hamburguesas, elaborates the article, belongs to the food chains such as White Castle, McDonalds and Burger King. White Castle, established in 1921, was the first to introduce the burgers to a larger demographic with Burger King and McDonalds following suit. Today there are many unique hamburger types, each offering a distinct taste. The Mexican hamburgers are also a different variation of the original simple hamburgers that were first sold. has now listed many hamburger joints and has organized them according to their location to help users quickly search a specific one. Since the website is compatible with various mobile platforms, individuals can simply search a hamburger joint near their vicinity on the go. The results are also arranged according to the popularity and reputation of a restaurant hence giving people the best eat out places first.

About is part of the popular website which is an extensive online directory of listings of products and services providers in Mexico. is focused on listing all restaurants and food joints in Mexico. Through the online platform the various restaurants can be viewed according to type of food, location - state and city wise, popularity and recommendations. has quickly become a leading Mexican online directory which also has mobile compatibility. With numerous businesses uploading their details every day, could soon become an essential online directory platform.

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