Mercedes-Benz Owners Finally Get More Options for Mercedes Benz Repair


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2012 -- A worldwide Mercedes-Benz anti-theft policy went into effect on November 10, 2008 which along with their policy on Software Calibration Number (SCN) coding forced many consumers to take their Mercedes to the dealer for repairs.  Now independent shops can perform these repairs with the proper certification and license.

Mercedes-Benz anti-theft policy was designed to protect Mercedes-Benz owners from theft not to limit consumer’s choices. However, the effect of this policy, and their policy on SCN coding, was that it did forced Mercedes-Benz owners to take their cars to the dealers for many repairs.  For years Independent shops have felt as if Mercedes-Benz was giving an unfair advantage to its dealers by forcing customers to go to the dealer for repairs with Theft-Relevant Parts (TRPs) and SCN coding.

Mercedes-Benz has specific requirements for the ordering and delivery of TRPs, but Independent shops with a locksmith license can now order TRPs. Mercedes-Benz also gives Independent shops the ability to get certified for SCN coding.

This has given consumers more options for Mercedes repair. Still most independent shops do not have the needed certification or license.  G&N Motors is one of the only independent Mercedes repair shops in Los Angeles that a licensed locksmith and is certified by Mercedes to provide SCN coding.

In a Majority of systems in Mercedes-Benz SCN Coding is required after replacement. Only repair facilities certified by Mercedes-Benz are authorized to access their system and complete the process.

SCN Coding is required after the replacement of systems like SRS airbag computer, 722.9 gearbox computer replacement, Gearbox module, SAM computer, ABS, ESP control unit, the COMAND system, intelligent headlight computer & instrumentation, and ME modules,  among others. All these systems require the network authorization from the Mercedes-Benz Technical Service Center for the completion of the process. Unauthorized technicians can’t do this.

SCN coding is required by law. Mercedes owners may be fined if it is not completed. It also helps to ensure the car runs at optimal levels. Cars needing SCN coding will show a check engine light. Drivers may also notice that the car gets stuck in 1 gear or that it kicks in reverse. G&N Motors has further information regarding SCN Coding and TRPs on their website at

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