Mercedes SUV Limousine Now Available: The Executive Car, by LimousinesWorld


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- LimousinesWorld has recently launched their new Mercedes SUV Limousine called the Executive Car. As the name suggests this new design of limousine has been specially created with successful, well to do business men in mind, whose busy lifestyle includes many hours spent on the road during travel and on the go.  For all such people time is of the essence, after all for them “Time is money” and LimousinesWorld understands the needs of the busy executives thus they have created a limousine that combines quality, comfort and luxury that can be equipped with various additional facilities that will allow executives to work in their limousine on the go. The amazing facilities such as internet connectivity, television, the ability to use a computer with ease on desks, sitting on comfortable chairs and much more, will allow people to save both time and money. Furthermore, The Executive Car Mercedes SUV Limousine can be customized to the specification of the buyer that includes the quality and comfort that is the mark of Mercedes, tinted windows and privacy divider, security, discreet and not too big of a limo, comfort for the passengers and for the riders entertainment CD/DVD systems, flat screen monitors, lavish interior, a bar and many more.

About LimousinesWorld
LimousinesWorld is a company that has been building Luxury limousines and Executive Cars for more than three decades, the company is California-based and has several satellite locations throughout the United States. LimousinesWorld provides luxury customized limousines to clients all over the world, selling directly to Corporations, CEOs, Executives and Businesspeople, VIPs, Politicians and Royal Families, Celebrities, Limousines companies, Limousines startups, Transportation companies, etc. LimousinesWorld also prides itself for providing the highest quality Sales and services to all its clients as the most reliable Limousine manufacturer that exports limousines globally.

The LimousinesWorld website, has been created to assist local and global clients being a multi lingual website; the website also contains detailed information about all Luxury limousines and Executive Cars manufactured by the company. People will be able to find all LimousinesWorld contact details on the website.

The Executive Car is for the people who appreciate the finer things in life and like to make a statement. The Executive Car is not just simply a luxury limousine, it has the capability to transform into a comfortable mobile office during the day and a stylish statement car at night for the people who work hard and play hard.

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Cedric M. Lacroix, Director
San Francisco, California, USA