Electronic Transfer

Gun & Ammo Dealer Credit Card Processing Reseller Program a Big Success for Resellers

Online Reseller Package for Internet Firearm Dealers Helping The FFL Dealers to Accept Payments Changes Payment Landscape!


Spokane, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2012 -- Electronic Transfer, Inc. now offers great Bankcard Rates for Gun and Ammo Dealers. ETI has been signing Merchant Account Resellers to offer these services to licensed firearms dealers who wish to sell their products over the internet. Website Payment Processing has helped hundreds of FFL Dealers Increase their sales as much as 500%. Gun dealers who need to expand their product sales from their retail store to their website can now sign up through any Electronic Transfer, Inc. gun dealer merchant account reseller. Most banks decline Firearm Dealer Applications for merchant account services because they sell firearms online. Electronic Transfer, Inc. is looking for a few select resellers across the country so they can offer Website Payment Processing to Gun and Ammo Dealers.

“As much as 80% of Impulse Purchasing can be Lost to Business Owners that do not Accept Charge Cards and the Average Order Size Increases by as much as 46% over a Cash Sale” (Forbes Magazine).

What do Gun Dealers need who wish to sell Online

Current FFL Gun Dealer License
Website hosted in the USA
Business Checking Account
Written Refund Policy
“Contact Us” section must show E-Mail Address and Phone Number
Business License (Home Based is Acceptable)

Services Offered to Gun Dealers
Gun Friendly Merchant Account
Free Merchant Account Set-Up
Free Virtual Terminal Set-Up (www.fastcharge.com)
Website Payment Processing
Firearm Sales at Gun Shows – Several Payment Options Available
Retail Gun Shops - Card-Swipe Terminal with Built-In Printer + Pin Pad
Internet Gun Shops – Website Payment Processing
FastCharge.com Payment Gateway works with Hundreds of Different Shopping Carts
Gun & Ammo Dealer Payment Processing
Card-Swipe Terminal with Built-In Printer & Pin Pad
Wireless Card-Swipe Terminal for Gun Shows. Works on AC or Battery. Has Built-In Printer

For more information contact Electronic Transfer, Inc (800)-757-5453.

Electronic Transfer, Inc. is a 23 Year Old Credit Card Processing Co. They specialize in Internet Merchant Accounts, Internet Credit Card Processing, Website Payment Processing, and ACH/Check Payment Services.

ETI provides everything for your Business to Process Credit Cards and Debit Cards. ETI uses mainly Verifone, Hypercom, Nurit, and Wireless Swipe Terminals which are both AC & Battery Operated for Mobile Sales. ETI has new System which works on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Wireless Device.

For more information, visit ETI’s web site at www.electronictransfer.com or call 800-757-5453.