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Merchant Services UK Launches Powerful New Version of Industry-Leading Quote System

Updated version of quote-gathering tool will help operators of businesses of every scale trim their costs easily and substantially, Merchant Services UK reports


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2014 -- Merchant Services UK announced the launch of the company's updated merchant account provider-matching engine. The updated software tool, revised to account for observed usage patterns and other factors, will allow visitors to the company's website at to obtain even timelier and more attractive merchant account quotes from a wide range of the of top providers. As part of an overhaul and freshening of the company's offerings, Merchant Services UK has also added a number of new and updated guides and reviews to the site that will be similarly beneficial to visitors.

"Competition is fierce, and we are determined to stay at the front of the pack," Merchant Services UK representative Carl Robinson said, "The new improvements to our quote-producing service are going to make finding the best merchant account offering for a particular business even easier than before." Rather than integrating directly with the conventional bank accounts that businesses generally already have, payments received through accepting credit or debit cards must normally pass through specialized merchant accounts first. Terms and fees associated with these accounts vary widely, meaning that shopping around for the best offer can result in large savings for businesses of every scale.

Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Many merchant account providers either intentionally obfuscate the terms of their offerings, making them harder to understand and compare with those of others, or are simply reluctant to make such details widely available. That makes it difficult for businesses looking to trim costs in this way to effectively and efficiently study the options are available to them.

The Merchant Services UK quote-generating system has been a welcome and widely relied-upon answer to this dilemma. After filling in a few simple details about their own businesses, users receive quotes from a number of carefully vetted and screened merchant account providers. These quotes are displayed in a simple, easy-to-understand format that makes it especially easy to compare them, and typically represent among the lowest fees and most generous terms that a business can expect to find anywhere in the United Kingdom.

The newly updated Merchant Services UK quote tool is even more powerful and convenient than the earlier version it replaces, incorporating as it does a number of important matching algorithm refinements and ease-of-use improvements. In addition to launching the updated version of this important tool, Merchant Services UK has also just expanded and updated many of the other informational offerings at A number of new, in-depth reviews of particular merchant account offerings have been added, for example, and several guides covering topics such as chip-and-pin machines and offshore merchant account providers have been extensively revised, as well.

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