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Merchant Sister's Trio Firefly Mashup 'Cold Play' and 'Mumford and Sons' Medley Hits

Merchant Sister's Trio Firefly Mashup ‘Cold Play’ and ‘Mumford and Sons’ Medley Hits


Provo, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Nashville recording artists and Winners of the 2010 Arizona State Colgate Country Showdown Firefly announced today the released of a music video of a medley arranged from Cold Play's "Kingdom Come" and Mumford and Son's "I Will Wait" ( "It is a perfect blend to songs about Heaven," says youngest sister and cello player Madelyn Merchant. Firefly collaborated on the video with the Provo, UT band Post Card Reunion ( The video was filmed by YouTube prankster Stuart Edge (

Sister band Firefly singers and songwriters also play guitar, cello, fiddle, keyboard, and mandolin. Firefly has opened for some of the biggest names in Country music including, Miss LeAnn Rimes, Martina McBride, Steve Wariner, Little Big Town, Wynonna Judd, and more. They are favored artists with Phoenix country radio stations KMLE and KNIX. They have been featured in the Arizona Republic, Fox 10 News, Somewhere in AZ, AZ Teen Magazine and more.

Live Trio Only

In addition to hitting heavenly harmonies, sisters Melanie, McKenzie, and Madelyn, have a mellow vocal style wicked talent for country music, and are poised to hit the big time. This talented trio soars with their original music and exciting sound. With inspiring lyrics, phenomenal harmonies and brilliant musical prowess, Firefly is the newest star to shine in the Country Music industry! Watch Firefly’s most recent music videos on YouTube and look for Firefly on iTunes and Facebook.

Music Video
Music Video



Firefly Fairytale

Sally Johnson

"Watch your back Taylor Swift!”
- Lynette Carrington, Arizona Sports & Lifestyle Magazine

“Shine on Firefly!”
- Kelly Gabrial, Entrall Magazine

”Firefly is the best sisters group since
the Dixie Chicks.”
- Willy D Loon, KMLE Country 108

Live with Band

"The girls are amazing and so talented!”
Kimber Coonen, KNIX Radio Phoenix, AZ

"The ladies have a BIG Future!”
- Ben Hartman, KMLE Country Radio, Phoenix, AZ

"The girls are fantastic musicians and the audience truly enjoyed their performance”
- Kelli Kereny, Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

They are going to take the world by storm - I love Firefly!”
- Lindsey Sterling, YouTube Violist Sensation

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- Alycia Klein, Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

"Firefly will win you over with their infectious, genuine love for music, and talent!”
- Ryan Shupe, Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band

”Amazing talent - a class act!”
- Mark Masri, Canadian Tenor

"We had more people listened to you than than the other station did with 3 Nationally signed acts!”
- Ben Hartman, KMLE Country Radio, Phoenix, AZ

"This talented trio SOARS!!"
- Christeena Riggs, Broadway Singer/Actress (NYC)

"Pure joy fills the room letting you know you are experiencing something special.”
- Leigh Reynolds, Producer

Enthrall Magazine

Gaylene Merchant